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Meowtroidvania Gato Roboto pounces into stores next week

Meowtroidvania is still a good portmanteau

A cat in a little mech makes a lot of sense to me, from what I understand about cats and their love of all things cramped and enclosed. Our intrepid hero Kiki, then, is probably having the time of their life in Gato Roboto, getting to switch between all kinds of armoured suits. Though they might just wish they could take up residence in the cardboard boxes they came in. Here they are going on an adventure to fetch us the game’s release date in the latest trailer.

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Much of this trailer appears to take place underwater, a place cats famously dislike, so Kiki must be very dedicated to saving her owner, the captain of their crashed spaceship. Still, I expect that if most kitties had their own personal submarines, they’d be more happy to dip their paws in. Or, you know, if they were accustomed to space travel.

Dave played Gato Roboto at EGX Rezzed and put it among his favourites from the show. He says the opening will be nice and familiar for those who have played Super Metroid, and that he was “immediately sold… though if they really wanted to make this the best game ever, it would be ‘Doggo Roboto.’ (Fight me).” (I will not fight him. I, too, am on team Doggo Roboto. (Perro Roboto?))

Until the inevitable canine sequel, we ought to appreciate what we have, especially when what we have is cute cats. Gato Roboto is scheduled to launch on Thursday, May 30th via Steam.

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