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Multiplayer is coming to Cyberpunk 2077, eventually

2077 Cyberpunks

Good news, everyone. The boffins down in the labs have been hard at work down in R&D, plugging test punks into each other. No, don't mind the gore... watch the bloodied arm, please. CD Projekt Red have crunched the numbers, and the news is in. This morning, the studio confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer is on its way.

CD Projekt have been dipping their toes into multiplayer experiments since at least 2016, and assigned even more staff to R&D earlier this year. Now they're definitely going ahead, confirming multiplayer on Twitter earlier today.

A new recruitment round for multiplayer positions is kicking off alongside today's news. Heads up character artists, designers and network coders - there might be a move to Wroclaw in your future.

Don't hold your breath for release-day shenanigans, mind. Multiplayer will only come close to landing once next April's launch and all planned singleplayer DLC are out of the way. Then, maybe, you can prowl Night City with your pals.

"The plan for now is to deliver Cyberpunk 2077 in April, then follow up with DLCs (free!) and singleplayer content, and - once we're done - invite you for some multiplayer action," the firm clarified in a follow-up post.

That's plenty of time to speculate on what Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer could look like. GTA Online comparisons are the most obvious, sure, but also the most boring. That'd make the most sense, but what about some Sub Rosa-style improvised cyber-heists? Invading other players' singleplayer games through mind-hacking stealth nonsense? Guitar Hero rock-offs with Johnny Silverhand and friends?

More importantly: how will Keanu be distributed between hundreds or thousands of players? Will this utopian future offer each of us our own bespoke Keanu? Or is there only ever one perfect Keanu, fought over by hordes of tech'd up murderers gunning for a glimpse of that winning Reeves smile?

Sounds like a perfect chance for a sequel to The Matrix Online, really.

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