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Mystic Myriam: New Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Details

Diablo 3 expansion detailed

Diablo 3 launched, sold millions of copies, but then seemed to almost disappear amid complaints that it lacked an endgame, that its auction house had ruined the thrill of finding new items, and that it was too easy until you'd completed it multiple times.

Blizzard seem to have listened to the complaints, and next year's expansion, Reaper of Souls, aims to re-define your relationship with the game's pointy blades and protective armour. First, by removing the auction house, and now with a few new details of the game's artisanal Mystic on Blizzard's Diablo blog

The problem with the auction house was that no item you were ever likely to find could compare to the cheap items available to buy in the real money auction house. That diminished the thrill of boshing a monster and seeing a good axe spill out. The focus on trade also meant that the loot system would constantly present you with items that weren't for your character class, with the expectation that you'd sell them or swap them for better items.

Reaper of Souls does away with that, much like the recent console release of Diablo 3 did. It also gives you new ways to bond and keep your favourite items, with the addition of the Mystic. Like the Blacksmith in Diablo 3, Myriam Jahzia will hang around in town's near your adventures and offer Enchanting and Transmogrification. Enchanting lets you tweak individual stats on Rare or Legendary items, to make your best weapons better, and Transmogrification lets you apply the stats of one item to the physical appearance of another. That means you can continue carrying your most dapper shield even after you outgrow its stats.

Read more through on the official blog.

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