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No Man’s Sky Beyond is rolling out now, PC release imminent

Safe space

At some point today, the vast and giffable world of No Man’s Sky will update - it's already out on PS4, and it could happen any second on PC. I’m extremely excited about it. I like space, I like VR, and I like bonkers worlds with ridiculous proc-gen. I even like ambient multiplayer, and No Man’s Sky Beyond has all of those, now. And Hello Games promise that, unlike the last update, your player-made bases should still be there when the universe returns.

If you're looking for every detail of what Beyond brings, our guides team have got a page up covering the No Man's Sky Beyond patch notes and release time. Which is handy, as the game's official site is being absolutely hammered.

Perhaps better than anything that's being changed this time is what will remain the same. NMS’s Orson (Sean Murray), tweeted to point out that, “People have invested so much time and effort into No Man's Sky, hundreds of millions of hours. Unlike Next we aren't wiping the servers or rebooting the universe. We know how much people care about their creations and discoveries.”

That should mean your bases are safe, and won’t be transported from an idyllic haven of butterflies and resources into a world where the temperature could freeze the wings off a bee in flight.

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It is an important thing to promise because your base in NMS is a bunch of things: it’s a time and resource sink as well as a creative outlet. If you’ve spent any amount of time working on your home, it’s only fair that the team does what it can to preserve that work as much as it can, while adding to the world around it. I’m glad they made the effort.

I’m pretty excited about Beyond. I’ve been looking for a chunky game to stick my face hole into, and my new home office has space for me to wander around in my Vive. I’m genuinely looking forward to restarting (it’s been a while and I want that fresh ship smell), and meeting people as I travel.

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