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Oh Thank God: Fancier Spelunky Coming To PC At Last

So many times, my finger has hovered over the purchase button on the spit'n'polished XBLA version of amazeballs roguelike/platformer Spelunky. Every time, I've thought 'no, surely it'll be on PC any day now. PC was its original home - it would only be right', and my finger was withdrawn. Actually, that's a lie, most of the time it was 'Oh Christ, the Xbox Live interface is just horrendous and what are Microsoft Points in pounds and screw this, I'll just play the old version again', but the outcome was the same.

My impatient patience has paid off at last, however - the shiniest version of these random, lethal dungeon adventures really is coming to PC any day now.

Here's old vs new for you:

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Spelunky Classic was/is free, but without doubt the newer version won't be. I'm ok with that, given how much of the old one I've played for no-pennies.

"This Summer" is all we have in terms of a date for the new version. Games keep doing that, which is exceptionally unhelpful given it is Summer right now. Or have North Americans somehow evicted June into Spring? Anyway: Summer, Steam/GoG/Humble, better graphics, more stuff, and no doubt there'll be a contingent who claim Spelunky Classic remains the better version. Me, I'm very excited. Is it Summer yet?

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