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Prison Architect's Halloween Secret Wins Halloween


Oh, this is so good. This is so very, very good.

It is Thriller by Michael Jackson. Of course it's Thriller. What else could it be? But goodness, what a magnificent Easter Halloween egg for Prison Architect. Pitch perfect and thematically consistent.

If you'd like to reproduce this brilliant bite of jail yard rock, you'll need an area large enough for roughly 30 prisoners. Beyond that, you need only wait for the space to fill up, and then your prisoners will handle the rest - as though dragged along by the tendrils of some dark dance magic.

You probably ought to get around to that soon, though, because as Introversion's Chris Delay told Eurogamer, this is a lawsuit lightning rod. "After [Halloween] we will probably patch it out before we get sued into oblivion," he explained.

Still though, what a neat little thing. I adore these sorts of secrets - even if their creators have to reveal them to the world in fear of only a few select eyes seeing them before inevitable legal troubles. Welp, I'm depressed now. Time to go gorge myself on candy until everything is better/I am dead.

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