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Red Dead Online is getting a "naturalism" Frontier Pursuit today

Just let me be friends with the wildlife, Rockstar

Rockstar is inviting you to become one with nature in Red Dead Online today. At least, I'm reasonably sure that's what they mean. They're introducing a new Frontier Pursuit "that will introduce players to the secrets of naturalism", which sounds a lot like you'll be able to become a hunter, or maybe just make friends with the animals. Hm, actually, probably not. Let's be honest, Red Dead isn't really a "make friends with the animals" sorta game.

It's part of the game's Frontier Pursuits, which allow you to take on a kind of job role to level up and earn rewards from. Previously, we've had typical wild west jobs like Bounty Hunters and Traders. They even introduced Moonshiners back in December, letting you buy your own bar and everything.

The devs haven't revealed exactly what being a naturalist entails, so you'll just have to wait and see what it's all about when the update drops.

That's not all that's on its way to Red Dead today, though. Rockstar also mention in their post that a new Outlaw Pass will be available (that's cowboy for Battle Pass), and "tons of community-requested features and fixes" are coming, too.

I'm sure Nate will be a fan of this naturalist business, seeing as he's in the midst of reviewing all 234 animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you're curious how someone might review animals in a video game, check out parts one, two and three right here. Yes, there are three parts. And he's not even finished.

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