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Rumour: Quantic Dream are making a Star Wars game

Flashy, famous actors, always falls to pieces? Not a bad fit!

Here's a rumour that's wildly unsupported but so horrible that oh god you can imagine it being true: Quantic Dream are secretly making a Star Wars game. According to two separate Internauts, the French studio behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human have become pally with Disney and are working on some sort of game set in the galaxy which gave us Baby Yoda and probably some other stories or something too idk. Take this all with the hugest pinch of spacesalt, of course.

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French YouTuber Gautoz first reported Quantic Wars rumours on Friday, then DualShockers reported they'd heard that too.

"In a separate conversation, however, I was also speaking to an individual who provided overwhelming evidence that he had contacts at Quantic Dream and reported that the Star Wars game by the studio has been in the works for around 18 months," Tom Henderson wrote.

So it's all second-hand and vague at best. If rumours did turn out to be true, mind, presumably the game would be the typical Quantic story-o-choicer.

Quantic Dream do seem a good match for Disney's Star Wars. Their games are all high-tech and shiny with famous actors and do sometimes start strong, but always fall wholly to pieces by the end. Ugh! The Mandlonian becoming trapped into several tangles of Star Wars lore was the most boring of possible outcomes but I guess I should have expected that. Gotta set up your spin-offs and build your cinematic universe. Ugh!

For years, Electronic Arts had exclusive rights to make fancy Star Wars games. Then in January, Lucasfilm announced they were opening Star Wars to more devs. The first game confirmed was a mysterious open-world affair from Ubisoft Massive, the studio behind The Division and The Crew. Y'all had lots of ideas for other Star Wars games you want.

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