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Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment leaping to April


Specter of Torment, the next add-on coming free to cracking throwback platformer Shovel Knight [official site], should be bouncing our way in April. That's the word from developers Yacht Club Games, who previously said more broadly that it'd arrive in spring. Like the Plague Knight expansion, Specter of Torment will bring a campaign starring another knight, this time Specter Knight with his swish wall-climbing and air-dash attacks. Here, check his moves out in this trailer from December:

Yacht Club tweeted over the weekend that it's done-diddly-done:

They followed-up with word that it'll be on Nintendo's new console, the Switch, in March, then should bounce onto other platforms in April. Probably. They're aiming for April.

Like the other big expansions, this will be free as it was funded by a Kickstarter stretch goal. Yep, they sure did rack up a lot of big ones. I do dig Yacht Club rolling out stretch goal content in big updates and expansions rather than delaying the game until it was all done. These extra would be far less exciting in one lump, especially as the campaigns largely share levels and bits, and I suspect they'd have ended up more tired if Yacht Club didn't have time between them.

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