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Star Wars, Christmas events, and more of the week's PC patches

Ho ho ho!

This week, Star Wars is everywhere, many games launched Christmas events, and some even combined Star Wars and Christmas. But not in a 'Holiday Special' way. Read on for more of the week's PC gaming patches in The Weekly Updates Update.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 collided with Rise Of Skywalker

New film, new crossover content. That's a new planet, new classes, and more.

Fortnite is giving out Christmas presents

A fortnight of skins, emotes, and bits. Also, it has lightsabers now.

Dota Underlords changed a whole lot

A new Underlord is in. You pick an Underlord ten rounds into the game, not at the start. All Underlords are overhauled. The starting unit cap is inceased. Creep rounds have been removed. Higher tier units now deal more damage to players. Many more things.

It's snowing in GTA Online and Red Dead Online

Rockstar are handing out festive gifts in both games too.

Noita's Snowy Update has fallen

New spells! New creatures! New weather! Snow!

Life Is Strange 2 is now on Mac and Linux

If you got it for Windows on Steam, hey, you have it on these new platforms too. It's a good game.

Destiny 2 brought Saint-14 home for Christmas

The legendary Titan and headbutt enthusiast has returned as part of Season Of Dawn just in time for The Dawning event. You'll find him hanging out in the Hangar, feeding the pigeons and advising Guardians not to squeeze pigeons as if they were guns.

Borderlands 3 matchmaking is more patient

The Takedown matchmaking won't start the mission until a full party of four has been found, rather than jumping the gun with an incomplete team. "We believe players would prefer matchmaking take a little longer in order to enter the Takedown with a full party," they say.

No Man's Sky added a music synthesiser and sequencer

You can even connect electronics to the music, making your own little light show.

Plunkbat is bloodied up

Want headshots to paint walls with blood? You got it, you weirdo.

Overcooked 2 added new snowy levels

As well as festive recipes including hot chocolate and mince pies.

Team Fortress 2 is celebrating Smissmas

Everyone who plays during the event gets a free Stuffed Stocking.

Detroit: Become Human several crashes

Unintentional crashes of the game, not intentional crashes of its robots. Do check out Alice Bee's Detroit: Become Human review.

Gears 5 sped up movement

Characters now reach their top speed faster, and a variety of other movement tweaks should make it "more responsive." Those boys may be bulky but they shouldn't be slow.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order made Cal more nimble in a fight

He should be "more responsive during combat" from changes including "tweaks to stagger reactions, kicks, flybacks, staff parry and sprint attacks."

League Of Legends fiddled with balance

And so did Teamfight Tactics.

Deliver Us The Moon added GeForce RTX support

That's Nvidia's raytracing-y prettifying tech.

Risk Of Rain 2 added dedicated servers

And a new character.

Blasphemous made platforming better

The action-platformer had good action but the platforming was a bit iffy. Behold, many tweaks and improvements to give it a better feel and less frustration.

Dota 2 added back the Strict Solo Matchmaking option

For when you're all alone and want a game fast.

Space Engineers added a load of small windows to build with

Somehow this is the Holiday Update? I suppose Good King Wenceslas looked out of a small window. Or something.

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Green Hell lets you build fancier huts

The survival game's building options are expanded a fair bit in the Expanded Shelters Update.

Street Fighter V fiddled with balance

Lots of fiddling with hitboxes, timings, cancels, and so on.

Heroes of The Storm started its Christmas event

And fiddled with balance too.

Darksiders Genesis rejigged difficulty levels

And fixed a number of bugs.

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