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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to be unveiled on April 13th

Soon, in a convention far, far away

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the upcoming Star Wars game by Titanfall and Apex Legends studio Respawn Entertainment, will be a little less shrouded in mystery this April. In this official blog post, they announce that EA will be showcasing the game on Saturday, April 13th at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Chicago. If you've been off in a galaxy far, far away, Fallen Order is set shortly after the prequel trilogy, and tells the story of a young Padawan who somehow survived Order 66, the backstabbilicious Jedi purge carried out by the Emperor's loyal clone army.

EA and Respawn are still pretty tight-lipped on what the game will entail beyond that quick plot synopsis. It does seem like an interesting time period in the series to set a game, perhaps emphasising stealth over the usual Jedi Knight one-man-army antics. Respawn are definitely a hot property right now - Apex Legends is the first battle royale in a while to bring in the crowds and mix up the formula a little. The studio have a lot of plates spinning, it would seem, with updates and new maps coming to Apex Legends, plus hints at future Titanfall games.

Fallen Order also stands to fill a big void on EA's Star Wars release calendar. Don't forget that Visceral's mystery Star Wars game got double-super-canned last month. DICE are still working on updates for the successfully de-lootboxed Star Wars Battlefront 2, adding Anakin Skywalker as a playable hero today. Next month they've got a new game mode lined up as well, giving players a chance to storm and destroy capital-class spacecraft from within. Unfortunately that's as far as their update road map goes.

Ah well, at least Star Wars: The Old Republic is still kicking, and apparently hosting some manner of special event soon, with details to be announced at Star Wars Celebration. I need to get back to that game sometime.

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