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Star Wars Jedi Survivor release time: When can you start playing Jedi Survivor?

Learn when Star Wars Jedi Survivor releases in your timezone

What time does Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release? The galaxy is about to get a little bigger in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as Cal Kestis and BD-1 set off for a new adventure set five years after Fallen Order. As was revealed in story trailers, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor follows Cal Kestis and pals as they seek shelter away from the Empire, which continues to ravage the galaxy after Order 66, the catastrophic event during which the Jedi Order were hunted down and purged.

If you're eager to jump into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at launch, then you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll cover the exact Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release time in various timezones around the world so that you can start playing the second that it launches.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor release time

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor releases on Friday, April 28th 2023 at 5am BST. Below, you can see the exact release time in different regions:

  • Los Angeles: 9pm PDT (April 27)
  • Mexico City: 10pm CST (April 27)
  • New York: 12am EDT
  • Sao Paulo: 1am BRT
  • London: 5am BST
  • Lagos: 5am WAT
  • Berlin: 6am CEST
  • Riyadh: 7am AST
  • New Delhi: 9:30am IST
  • Tokyo: 1pm JST
  • Sydney: 2pm AEST
Map of the world showing the release time for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in various regions.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. It isn't available on Game Pass or the base version of EA Play, but PC players can subscribe to EA Play Pro to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at launch.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor price

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will cost $70/£60 for the Standard Edition. The Deluxe Edition, which comes with some cosmetic packs based on Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, costs $90/£80.

Both Star Wars Jedi: Survivor editions also come with a pre-order bonus cosmetic pack if you purchase before launch. This pack contains an outfit, lightsaber, and blaster modelled after Obi-Wan Kenobi.

If you pick up the Standard Edition and later decide that you would like the extra cosmetics included in the Deluxe Edition, you will be able to purchase a Deluxe Upgrade. This is currently listed on the Xbox and Microsoft Store, and will likely come to PlayStation and PC at launch, but it doesn't list a price at this time. We expect it will cost around $20/£20.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor preload

You can pre-load Star Wars Jedi: Survivor right now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, the EA app, and Steam.

Pre-loads went live on April 25 at 9pm PDT/April 26 5am BST on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. On PC, they went live slightly earlier on April 25 at 8am PDT/ 4pm BST.

Regardless of your platform, you should be able to get Star Wars Jedi: Survivor downloaded before launch - which we'd highly recommend if you want to play straight away.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor download size

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has an absolutely mammoth download size of 155 GB, according to the PC requirements. As Graham previously noted, that's even bigger than the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, so you'll definitely want to pre-load if you're hoping to play on launch.

That wraps up our guide on the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release time. If you're looking for more Jedi: Survivor chat to satiate your need for all things Star Wars before launch, take a look at Alice Bee's preview and her interview about lightsaber colors and force powers in Jedi: Survivor.

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