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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake announced

"Console exclusive" for PS5

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake was announced during tonight's PlayStation livestream. This is confirmation of what had been long rumoured, including the detail that the remake would be developed by Aspyr. There's a teaser trailer below.

Aspyr Media lead producer Ryan Treadwell appeared on the livestream post-show to talk up the game some more. He clarified that it's not a remaster, but a full remake built "from the ground up." The aim is to "honour the original story" while delivering much higher fidelity graphics. He also said that it would be some time before they're ready to show anymore. Boo.

Knights Of The Old Republic Remake will be "console exclusive on PlayStation 5 at launch" according to the PlayStation blog, which normally doesn't prevent it from launching simultaneously on PC. (Update: Lucasfilm Games confirmed on Twitter that it was coming to PC.)

Aspyr have a long history of porting Star Wars games, including recently bringing Jedi Knight to Switch and previously porting KOTOR to mobile.

Knights Of The Old Republic is the most beloved of the Star Wars bunch, though. BioWare's RPG launched in 2003 and takes place four thousand years prior to the Star Wars films. As you play through the game, you make choices which determine whether you're a goodly Jedi or a badly Sith, and also there's a robot everyone loves.

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