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KOTOR Remake feared cancelled after Sony quietly pulls tweets and videos

I have a bad feeling about this

Worrying signs on the horizon for fans of sci-fi stories told a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Sony have quietly yanked posts and videos for Embracer's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, in what could be the first indication that the publisher have finally cancelled the game, after shuffling developers and delaying release indefinitely last year.

As CJ (RPS in peace) wrote in July 2022, the KOTOR remake - a PS5 console exclusive, announced in 2021 - was delayed following an internal demo that was so terribly received it led to the firing of the design director and art director. In August, Embracer announced that Aspyr would no longer develop the remake, with another Saber Interactive studio reportedly taking the reins.

There could be many reasons for the decision to pull marketing materials for the game, but Embracer’s recent announcement that they would close a bunch of studios, including Saints Row and Red Faction developer Volition last month, doesn’t inspire much confidence. #SaveKOTOR is already trending on Xitter. I've contacted Embracer for comment.

KOTOR remains one of our best RPGs - and one of yours too. It’s just as well you can still find the BioWare original on Steam, for around the price of a coffee.

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Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

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