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Starfield High Price To Pay choice: Lodge Or Eye?

Should you stay at The Lodge or go to The Eye?

The player in Starfield speaks to Barrett, who is holding a gun towards the player.
Image credit: Gamerpillar/Bethesda Game Studios

Should you go to The Eye or stay at The Lodge during High Price To Pay in Starfield? The High Price To Pay mission happens right in the thick of the main story in Starfield and it presents you with a very tricky dilemma that can have fatal consequences if you don't pick the right one - and if you've been exploring romance options, you definitely want to ensure you understand the weight of the choice in front of you.

High Price To Pay presents you with an interesting choice. Half of the Constellation faction members are up on Vlad's space station, while the other half are with you in The Lodge. You learn that the group on The Eye have been attacked, so you have to make a split-second decision to go and save them, or stick around because you know the Starborn will be coming to The Lodge next. Here's what happens depending on which option you pick.

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Should you stay at The Lodge or go to The Eye?

Before we get into the exact details of either choice, it's worth saying that no matter which option you choose, someone will die. Your choice can simply determine who it is that falls, as the potential victims are limited to the four romanceable companions.

No matter what, one of the following companions will die:

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sam
  • Sarah

One of these three companions will be at The Lodge, while the other three will go to The Eye. If you go to The Eye, then the companion who stays at The Lodge will die. If you go the The Lodge, then one of the three companions at The Eye will die. Who it is - as well as which one stays at The Lodge - depends on the affinity you have with each of them.

The other non-romanceable companions - Noel, Walter, Matteo, VASCO, Vladimir, and Cora - are all exempt. So no matter what happens, none of them will die.

With that in mind, continue reading for the full breakdown of who can die depending on your choice and your affinity with them.

Stay at The Lodge

We cannot say with certainty who will be at The Lodge and who will be at The Eye in your playthrough, as the four romanceable companions you can build a relationship with may differ. We believe it is based on who you are closest to. It seems that the companion you have the closest relationship with will be at The Eye, and the second-closest companion will be with you in The Lodge. For me, Sarah and Andreja were at The Eye - I think the companions with the first and third highest affinity respectively - while Barrett and Sam were at The Lodge.

The player in Starfield looks down at Barrett cradling Sarah's dead body.
Image credit: Gamerpillar/Bethesda Game Studios

If you decide to stay at The Lodge, keep an eye on Walter on the upper floor. He will be attacked by The Hunter before breaking free, and everyone in The Lodge, led by Noel, will flee through the sewer towards The Well. You must shoot back against The Hunter to allow everyone to escape before following them through the sewer and into The Well. The Hunter will give chase and cause chaos in The Well - seriously, the residents down there scatter like mice when he shows up - so you must keep running out the other end to the Spaceport, then flee to your ship. Do not waste time trying to fully kill The Hunter because it is impossible, but if you damage him enough to make him flee at least once, you will receive the Unrestrained Vengeance laser rifle as a reward at the end of the mission.

After boarding your ship, you must fly to The Eye to check up on everyone. The companion you are closest to - in my case, Sarah - will be dead, while Vlad and anyone else at The Eye will be severely injured.

The player in Starfield speaks to an injured Vladimir Sall in The Eye.
Image credit: Gamerpillar/Bethesda Game Studios

Go to The Eye

If you want to go to The Eye to prevent anybody from dying, you must hightail it out of The Lodge as quickly as possible as soon as you get word of the attack. Fast travel to your ship then head to The Eye and congratulations! You've managed to get there in time to stop anyone from dying. Everyone will be hurt, but nobody will be dead.

However, you must now go back to The Lodge to help everybody else and unfortunately… one of your other companions will be dead. We are unsure what determines who this is - it's either the companion you're least close to, or who you're second closest to. From here, the mission plays out in essentially the same way - find Noel in the sewer, fight off The Hunter, then escape via your ship at the spaceport. Tell Vlad of the bad news and voila - mission complete.

That's all you need to know about the High Price To Pay mission choice in Starfield. If you are keen on getting it on with some of the Constellation members, we have guides on how to romance Sarah, Sam, Andreja and Barrett.

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