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How to romance Andreja in Starfield

Learn how to romance Andreja in Starfield

Andreja stands with her arms crossed looking at the camera in The Lodge in Starfield.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Wondering how to romance Andreja in Starfield? Andreja is one of four Constellation members that you can romance in Starfield. A member of House Va'Ruun, Andreja's backstory is one of the most interesting of all the Starfield companions, making her a particularly exciting love interest. If you do go on a romantic adventure together, marrying Andreja will also grant you the Emotional Security buff that gives extra XP, helping you to level up fast.

In this guide, we'll explain how to romance Andreja in Starfield. We'll break it down in a step-by-step list, before covering her likes and dislikes in detail. We'll then provide a full walkthrough for Andreja's companion quest, before also explaining how to complete her commitment quest and marry Andreja in Starfield.

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How to romance Andreja in Starfield

Below, we'll break down how to romance Andreja in Starfield:

  1. Complete the "Into the Unknown" main quest.
  2. Set Andreja as your main companion.
  3. Be truthful and protect innocent people to raise affinity with Andreja.
  4. Talk to Andreja whenever the objective pops up.
  5. Select the [FLIRT] option while talking to Andreja.
  6. When your affinity is high enough, you will unlock the "Divided Loyalties" companion quest.
  7. Complete "Divided Loyalties" and select the [ROMANCE] dialogue option at the end.
  8. Select the [COMMITMENT] dialogue option in your next dialogue with Andreja.
  9. Complete the "Commitment: Andreja" quest to marry Andreja.

To romance Andreja, you'll first need to unlock her as a companion by completing the "Into the Unknown" main quest. This comes fairly early on, so you should reach it easily in Starfield's opening hours.

Once unlocked, set Andreja as your main companion and start travelling. As you complete missions and speak to NPCs, you'll want to make choices that will raise your affinity with Andreja. Affinity is a hidden score that dictates your relationship with companions, and a high affinity score is required to romance Andreja.

To raise Andreja's affinity, you must be truthful, as she values honesty. She also likes it when you protect innocent people, so keep others safe and do not bring unnecessary harm on anyone in the Settled Systems. However, for those who have done wrong, Andreja highly values justice. If you come across a criminal, you'll want to make sure that vengeance is delivered.

You can't check your affinity via an in-game menu, but just keep an eye on the top-right corner of the screen for any prompts that say "Andreja liked that" to know you're on the right path.

Despite having skill points in Stealth and Theft, Andreja is similar to other companions in that she does not like you committing crimes. You might get away with some petty theft, but attacking civilians will make Andreja angry and possibly even cause her to leave you entirely.

While exploring and raising Andreja's affinity, you'll frequently see a new misc activity pop up that simply prompts you to "Talk to Andreja". When you do so, Andreja will reveal more about her backstory, and these conversations will always include the opportunity to select a [FLIRT] dialogue option.

These chats cover: how the pair of you fit into Constellation, Andreja's family and her purpose, her history as a smuggler, her history as a member of House Va'Ruun, and friends that she abandoned as a smuggler. That final conversation will kick off the "Divided Loyalties" companion quest.

Starfield image showing Andreja sat in the center of the Lodge, surrounded by other Constellation members.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Andreja romance walkthrough: "Divided Loyalties"

"Divided Loyalties" sends you on a quest to find Andreja's old pals from her smuggling days. That starts in Akila City, so head there and follow the objective to hunt for Eren Bascolm. Ask around and Aggie, the local bar owner, will inform you that Eren went to live a new life on Hyla II.

Fast travel to Hyla II and land at Eren's Camp. When you arrive, clear it out of Va'Ruun Zealots who have occupied the area in their hunt for Eren. Once it's clear, follow Andreja to discover Eren's fate, before setting off on the next leg of your quest: find Jaeda Huang at the Den.

Make your way to the Wolf System to find the Den, and then dock with the station to get aboard. Talk with the Vanguard officers there to discover the current location of Jaeda Huang: the Groombridge system. Jump there next, and hail the Raptor ship up ahead when you arrive.

After a short chat with Jaeda, who occupies the nearby Raptor ship, Va'Ruun Zealots will jump into the system and attack. Fight them off with Jaeda's help, and then board Jaeda's ship for a proper conversation. Well, almost, because after a tense encounter, a Zealot Captain will jump into the system to mount a second attack. Head back to your ship and defeat the Zealot Captain.

With the Zealot Captain defeated, Andreja will ask you to travel to a derelict station in the Murphid system. There, dock with the UCN-48 Starstation and follow Andreja until you find her House Va'Ruun superior, Tomisar Ka'dic.

Here, you'll have a choice: Kill Tomisar with Andreja, or convince her to let him live and hand him over to the High Council of House Va'Ruun for punishment. Ultimately, either choice has a similar outcome: Andreja will be unsure of her place in House Va'Ruun's future, but grateful for your help on this mission.

During a wrap-up chat at The Lodge, you can select the [ROMANCE] option to officially enter a romantic relationship with Andreja.

How to marry Andreja in Starfield

After completing Divided Loyalties, wait until the "Talk to Andreja" objective pops up in your activity log again to enter an incredibly important conversation.

She'll open up about her fears that, one day, the Great Serpent will return and all non-believers will be lost in its shadow - you included. Ater a brief chat, you can propose to Andreja with the [COMMITMENT] dialogue option, ensuring that you spend your remaining days, however many there are, together.

If you've made it this far, then Andreja's affinity will be high enough to make her automatically reciprocate your feelings and agree to marry you.

Well, sort of at least. Andreja isn't down for the usual marriage that you'll get with other companions, such as Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, and Barrett, but she eventually asks you to join her on Shoza II, in the Shoza system, at a landing location called the "Natural Archways".

This will add the "Commitment: Andreja" quest to your activity log, which you can follow to reach Shoza II and have your unique ceremony to marry Andreja.

That's all you need to know to romance Andreja in Starfield. If you want a new ship to celebrate your new relationship, check out our list of the best ships in Starfield. If you want to create a character that pairs perfectly with Andreja, take a look at our lists of all Starfield traits, all Starfield backgrounds, and the best builds in Starfield.

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