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Steelier: Beneath A Steel Sky Sequel Planned

Earlier, at Revolution Software:

Jimmy Wordsmith: If our Broken Sword Kickstarter raises $1 million dollars, I'd love to work on a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky!
Ian Programmer: I would love to do the programming. BASS is one of my favourite things ever.
Penelope Management: Haha. We only made $800,000 so forget it. We'll all work on something we hate instead of returning to a world we love.
Jimmy Wordsmith: Or...we could just make it anyway.

And so they will, after Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse is finished. Actual quotes below.

Speaking to Develop, Revolution co-founder Tony Warriner said: "We're delighted by the recent level of interest in a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky and are currently discussing design ideas for this project which we plan to go into development following the release of Broken Sword - The Serpent's Curse."

I'd rather they made the Steel Sky sequel first, although I'm sure most of the people who pledged money for the adventures of George and Nico would quite rightly kick up a fuss. That sword has been broken loads of times though and I've only had a vacuum cleaner as a friend once. We were oh so close.

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