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Toot Toot! Sunless Sea's Free Steam Weekend Now On

Splendid seatimes!

You doing anything nice this weekend? How about: exploring an underground ocean, discovering wonderful sights, meeting strange and terrible things, losing your mind, eating your own shipmates, and meeting a watery death? Sounds lovely, no? Quite! If you've not played Sunless Sea [official site] yet, perhaps not hearing our incessant murmuring about how splendid Failbetter's roguelikelike is, then now's your chance. The full game is free to play from now until Sunday, see (sea), and on sale (sail) too.

For those who already know the cruel seas well, Failbetter have also recently shared a short video peeking at its upcoming Zubmariner expansion.

Sunless Sea is great. Here's what Adam said when declaring it one of the best RPGs:

"Almost every RPG takes an age to play through, but so few are measured, and even fewer actively encourage sombre patience. Sunless Sea is a nautical-themed roguelike (insert own acceptable number of additional likes here) in which your primary activity is sailing slowly across the titular vast and night-clad ocean while watching fuel and food meters nervously and praying nothing monstrous catches sight of you. There is admittedly rudimentary combat, but it’s first and foremost a game of cautious exploration, opening up a map littered with impeccably written vignettes which pull knowingly from across the spectrum of Lovecraftian, steampunk and gothic styles, then asking you to make potentially deadly or tragic decisions. Both literate and pulpy, and oozing playfully doomy atmosphere from every unspeakable orifice, Sunless Sea is a true original."

That's surely worth a bash! Head on over to Steam and you can download it now then keep playing until 9pm (1pm PST) on Sunday. If you want to keep it, a 40% discount available until Monday brings it down to £8.39.

For veteran saltfok, here's that Zubmariner video I mentioned:

Cover image for YouTube video

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