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Sunless Sea Adds Text Scaling; Devs Tease New Game

What next?

Here's a twofer: 1) A new update for awfully nice and nicely awful adventure Sunless Sea [official site] has added text and UI scaling to finally improve how the game renders its many words; 2) Developers Failbetter will announce their next game on Saturday. The UI improvement means no more squinting, and the announcement will mean... oh dang, a new Failbetter game!

Today's update brings Sunless Sea from Unity 4, which Failbetter say "had some limitations particularly around the way it handled text", into version 5 of the engine. They explain, "As a pretty text-heavy game, we ended up with many players finding the game unplayable due to their screen resolution. Text was tiny or fuzzy. Not ideal!"

So hey, now you can fiddle with the text and UI size.

Next on the slate for Failbetter is releasing Sunless Sea's Zubmarine expansion, which will go under the Unterzee on October 11th. They'll be showing it off on the EGX Livestream at 4pm BST (that's 11am EDT) on Saturday, which they say is also where they'll announce their mysterious new game. Well then!

Failbetter's Sunless Sea and Fallen London have shared the same wonderful setting, and I'll certainly welcome more of that supernatural Victorian nightmare, but maybe they fancy something new by now?

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