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Feature: Broaden your horizons

Horizon Zero Dawn is properly lovely in ultrawide, most of the time

Guerrilla Games have really gone to town on the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only have they unlocked the game's frame rate and added in shinier graphics presets to give it PS4-beating performance on relatively low-end hardware, but it's also one of 2020's big PC games to get 21:9 ultrawide support. The latter is something I've been particularly looking forward to after the…

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Gaming monitor deals of the week – 6th August 2020

Your gaming monitor is one of the most expensive parts of your entire PC, so finding a great screen at a great price can be a real help when it comes to keeping costs down. The good news is that you're in exactly the right place, as we've rounded up all the cheapest gaming monitor deals we've been able to find from around the web.…

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These 1440p Samsung monitors are back down to their Black Friday prices

It seems to be all go on Samsung deals this week, as Amazon have slashed the prices on two Samsung gaming monitors today as part of their wider Samsung sale event. Technically, they're different models of the same display, Samsung's CJG5. One is a curved 32in model, while the other is a curved 27in job, but the important thing is that both of these 144Hz,…

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Dell have slashed over $1100 off their RTX 2080 gaming laptops today

Dell's big summer sale may be over, but this weekend saw the start of yet another season of discounts on loads of Alienware and Inspiron gaming laptops and monitors in the UK and US. The UK sale isn't quite as good as it was before, admittedly, but there are still decent savings of around £170 to be had on Dell's range of Inspiron gaming laptops,…

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Feature: Ultrawide load

Even Death Stranding’s ultrawide resolutions find a way to be weird

Death Stranding has had several lovely upgrades for its PC release, including uncapped frame rates, 4K resolution support and Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 tech. But the one I've been most looking forward to trying out is its 21:9 ultrawide monitor support. After all, Death Stranding is effectively Beautiful Landscape: The Game in addition to being a surprisingly engrossing postman sim, and seeing its huge, expansive vistas…

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These LG gaming monitors haven’t been this cheap since Black Friday

After Friday's gaming monitor deal on LG's G-Sync Compatible 24GL650, another four LG monitors have come down in price today, this time over at Amazon UK. With two ultrawide monitors and two 27in, 144Hz G-Sync Compatible displays on sale right now, these monitors are of a slightly higher spec than Friday's deal (which is still ongoing, I might add, and a couple of quid cheaper…

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This 144Hz G-Sync Compatible LG monitor is just £192 right now

My best gaming monitor recommendation, the excellent AOC 24G2U has been pretty difficult to get hold of here in the UK for a number of months now, with prices steadily creeping upwards as stock levels continue to dwindle. Happily, a very good alternative has recently sprung into view in the form of LG's 24GL650, which is one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors with…

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Feature: Standing in the way of success

BenQ EX2780Q review: a great 144Hz gaming monitor with one major flaw

We're almost spoiled for choice when it comes to great 2560x1440 gaming monitors these days, but the BenQ EX2780Q is another strong contender that's worthy of your consideration. For starters, it's one of the few gaming monitors I've tested that actually has a built-in (albeit very tiny) subwoofer to accompany its pair of 2W speakers, but it's also got a super accurate IPS panel, a…

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Save over £140 on Asus’ best ultrawide and 1440p gaming monitors

Asus have shaved over £140 off some of their best gaming monitors in the UK at the moment, making it a good time to pick up one of their RGB-laden gaming screens. Indeed, there are four such gaming monitors on sale at various retailers at the moment, with two ultrawide mega screens and two of their 165Hz, 2560x1440 displays discounted to some of their lowest…

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Save over $450 on Dell’s Alienware gaming monitors

Dell's big mega sale is still going strong in both the UK and the US at the moment, but the US has just got some fantastic new gaming monitor deals that are worth shouting about, such as $125 off their 240Hz AW2521HFL display, which is one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors (pictured above), and a massive $460 off their ultrawide Alienware AW3420DW.

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Our favourite ultrawide gaming monitor is £170 off today

The Acer Predator Z35p remains one of the best gaming monitors you can buy right now if you're after a 120Hz ultrawide gaming screen, but the main problem I've always had with it is its high price. Thankfully, Amazon UK have removed that obstacle today as part of their July Summer Sale, knocking £170 off its usual price of £800 to take it down to…

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Amazon UK have cut the price of three G-Sync Compatible gaming monitors from LG today

With stock levels and gaming monitor prices steadily returning to normal, pre-pandemic levels, we're staring to see more and more good Gaming monitor deals crop up. Case in point, Amazon have cut the price of three LG gaming displays today by a seemingly arbitrary 12-13%. Who knows why? The point is that they look like decent displays at reasonable prices, especially if you're in the…

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Philips have stuck a B&W soundbar onto their new 55in gaming monitor

Philips have unveiled two new gaming monitors today, the first (and literally) biggest of which is their jumbo and catchily-named Momentum 558M1RY, a huge 55in screen with a 4K resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate and a whopping great soundbar built into it courtesy of the high-end audio folks at Bowers & Wilkins. If you've ever wanted to play PC games in your living room, this…

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Our favourite ultrawide gaming monitor is currently the cheapest it’s been since Black Friday

The Acer Predator Z35P currently sits at the top of our list of best gaming monitors for those after a great ultrawide monitor, but in recent weeks and months it's been pretty darn expensive, often fluctuating between £700 and £800 here in the UK. However, Amazon UK and Ebuyer have both slashed its price to a very tempting £650 right now, which is the cheapest…

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Save £120 on LG’s superb 27GL850 gaming monitor

There are certain things that will ramp up the price of a gaming monitor. Want more than 1080p? Be prepared to comfortably clear the £250 mark. Want it to be one of Nvidia's officially certified G-Sync Compatible monitors and have a high refresh rate? It’s going to go higher still. Want HDR? Get your wallet chum, because this is going to hurt. That’s why this…

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Feature: But I am too old to keep up with it

AOC C27G2ZU review: a great value 240Hz gaming monitor

240Hz gaming monitors are all the rage among competitive esports circles at the moment, but I have to admit that I've never felt creakier or more decrepit playing games than I have with AOC's C27G2ZU plonked on my desk. To be clear, I'm not casting shade on the monitor itself. This 27in, 1920x1080 gaming display has an absolutely top quality curved VA panel, and its…

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Save $120 on this excellent Acer Nitro XV273 gaming monitor

If you’re in the market for an excellent gaming monitor and don’t care about anything more than 1080p gaming, then you'll be pleased to hear that Amazon US have knocked $120 off the 27in Acer Nitro XV273 at the moment (which is the 1080p, 240Hz sibling of the superb Acer Nitro XV273K Katharine reviewed late last year), taking this once $490 monitor down to just…

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Feature: Plus how to enable G-Sync on a FreeSync monitor

Here’s a list of all the Nvidia G-Sync Compatible monitors confirmed so far

If you're looking for a list of all the confirmed Nvidia G-Sync Compatible monitors, then you're in the right place. Below, you'll find every AMD Freesync monitor that's been officially certified by Nvidia as meeting their G-Sync Compatible standard, and we also tell you how to enable G-Sync on any Freesync monitor as well.

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