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The Division 2 brand sets - full brand set list

When looting all the gear in The Division 2, you may have noticed that some of them have special bonuses that are applied when equipped. These are brand sets and their bonuses get better and better as you equip more items from the same brand of clothing. But you may want to have a full list of the brands so you can start creating some decent builds to share with others. Help's at hand as we have the full list.

Want to know everything about the various different systems in The Division 2? Head on over to our The Division 2 guide hub to find lots more information about the game. More will be discovered as Agents pile into Washington D.C., so stay frosty. If you want to try your hand at making your own builds, you'll need to have a look at all the weapons, skills, and specializations to get the job done. Our The Division 2 weapons/gunsThe Division 2 best skills and The Division 2 Specializations guides respectively are a good place to start.

The Division 2 brand sets guide

Our guide on brand sets will show you what brand sets look like in-game, as well as give you the entire list of all of the brand sets in the game.

How brand sets work

Armour pieces that you can loot, craft, or buy from vendors, can all have the potential to have one of the many brands. When you equip the first piece, you'll get the first line of the perks associated with that brand. If you then equip a second item of that brand in a different armour piece slot, you'll get the second line, and a third will unlock the final perk of that set. Since there are five equipment slots, there are some decisions that have to be made. Which perks you need to unlock for the best build, and how many of a certain brand you'll need to equip.

A piece of equipment with the brand set "Badger Tuff"

Brand Set list

So now that you know how the Brand Sets work, here is the full list of the brand sets featured in The Division 2, along with all the perks you get for equipping one, two, or three items of that brand set.

Brand SetEquip one itemEquip two itemsEquip three items
5.11 Tactical+5% protection from elites+10% extra incoming healing+10% weapon handling
Airaldi Holdings+10% accuracy+10% headshot damage+10% Marksman Rifle damage
Alps Summit Armament+10% cooldown reduction+5% skill power+15% Hive skill power
Badger Tuff+7% damage to elites+15% armour on kill+5% Chem Launcher skill power
Česká Výroba s.r.o.+10.0% health on kill+10.0% shotgun damage+15.0% health
China Light Industries Corporation+10% explosives damage+10% shotgun damage+10% cooldown reduction
Douglas & Harding (D&H)+10% rifle damage+7.5% total armour+7% damage to elites
Fenris Group AB+10% assault rifle damage+10% protection from elites+20% health on kill
Gila Guard+5% total armour+20% hazard protection+15% Pulse skill power
Golan Gear+10% hazard protection+10% protection from elites+8% total armour
Murakami Industries+8 Health+10% Hazard Protection+15% Firefly skill power
Overlord Armaments+10% rifle damage+7.5% total armour+7% damage to elites
Petrov Defense Group+10% LMG damage+15% Turret skill power+10% cooldown reduction
Providence Defense+10% skill power+8% health+5% weapon damage
Richter & Kaiser GmbH+10% hazard protection+20% pistol damage+15% Shield skill power
Sokolov Concern+10% SMG damage+8% critical hit damage+15% Seeker skill power
Wyvern Wear+7% critical hit damage+5% headshot damage+10% critical hit chance
Yaahl Gear+10% weapon handling+8% hazard protection+5% weapon damage

That's all of the brand sets in The Division 2. They're not the only items that you can wear, though there are some more coveted than others. You can further deck out your build by hunting down the hunters, with the aid of our The Division 2 Hunter Masks guide.

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