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The Division 2 weapons/guns - damage stats, The Division 2 best weapons, Exotic weapons list

Stats galore

Some have called The Division 2 one of the loot-n-shooter genre's very best titles, and - whether or not you agree - much of this success is down to the tight gunplay and diverse arsenal of guns and weapons to choose from. As you stalk the streets of Washington D.C., you know at all times that you're only as good as the two primary weapons and one sidearm you carry. Our The Division 2 weapons guide will walk you through how to get your choice of weaponry right first time, by walking you through the stats and behaviours of every single weapon you can find through every class tier level, from the common and worn all the way up to legendary Exotics like the Ruthless Rifle and the Lullaby Shotgun.

If you're after a more general overview on Tom Clancy's latest open-world loot-n-shooter, check out our main The Division 2 guide, which is packed with beginner's tips and links to our sections of our guides series, from The Division 2 best perks to all The Division 2 factions you can encounter during your travels.

A shootout between the agent and some hyenas.

The Division 2 weapons guide - stats, tips, opinions on every weapon

From in-depth stats and behaviours to explanations of the various Exotic weapons in The Division 2, we've got a lot to cover in this weapons guide. Feel free to use any of the links below to skip ahead to a section of your choosing.

The Division 2 weapon tiers and rarities
Weapon stats explained
Normalized DamageAccuracy vs StabilityDamage Dropoff
The Division 2 weapon stats & details
Exotic weaponsAssault RiflesMarksman RiflesRifles

The Division 2 weapon tiers and rarities

The Division 2's weapons are not only sorted by type (Assault Rifle, SMG, etc.) but also by level and rarity. If you're just starting out, it probably won't take you too long to come across the same weapon in two different colours, one white and one green, or perhaps blue.

A higher level of the same weapon (i.e. Level 2 vs Level 1) increases the base damage of the weapon and also gives its class-based trait a boost (more on this later). But different colours don't just give stat boosts; higher tiers and rarities will also augment the weapon with one or more specific talents that could completely transform both the gun and your style of play. Take a look at the table below for the full details of what each tier will offer you.

WornWhite0 Talents, low stats
StandardGreen0 Talents, mediocre stats
SpecializedBlue1 Talent, increased stats
SuperiorPurple2 Talents, high stats
High-EndOrange3 Talents, excellent stats
ExoticRed/PeachUnique named weapons with unique Talents

The Division 2 weapon stats explained

The stats for each gun in The Division 2 can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first glance, but things will become clear after a little time with the game. There are seven main values that you must pay attention to with each weapon: DMG (Damage), RPM (Rounds Per Minute), MAG (Magazine Size), Accuracy, Stability, Reload Time, and Damage Drop Off.

Stats like reload time, mag size and RPM are fairly easy to understand, and of course you can use the RPM and DMG to get the gun's DPS (Damage Per Second), a useful value that the game doesn't give you itself. However, there are a couple of things that are not immediately clear, so let's go over the main points of confusion one by one.

Normalized Damage

The Division 2 is a loot shooter, meaning you can loot better varieties of weapons as time goes on and you progress through the game. As mentioned previously, the same weapon at different levels will have different damage values. To balance things out for everyone in PvP zones, Ubisoft have implemented what is called "Normalized" damage stats, which makes it so that in these PvP areas each weapon has the same stats, regardless of your character's or weapon's quality or level. The stats are still affected by certain Gear and Weapon talents, but otherwise they're the same across the board.

Accuracy vs Stability

They sound like very similar traits for a gun, don't they? In fact, just like in The Division 1, Accuracy and Stability mean different (albeit related) things. Stability controls the recoil of a weapon - how much it drifts and kicks both vertical and horizontally while you're firing. Accuracy, on the other hand, affects the size of your reticule and therefore the spread and literal accuracy of your shots.

Guns won't always fire exactly where you point them in The Division 2, particularly automatic weapons such as Assault Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs. As you're shooting an automatic weapon, you should pay attention to the white dot that appears for each shot within your reticule (shown above), always in a different place. This tells you exactly where your shot went. A higher Accuracy value will reduce the randomness of this dot's movements and help it fire closer to the centre of your reticule for longer.

Damage Dropoff

Damage Dropoff is a very important state (well, set of stats, really) to pay attention to with each weapon. Each class of gun (Assault Rifle, Marksman Rifle, etc.) has a different optimum effective range, but each gun has a different damage dropoff, visualised by a graph in the weapon's stats which shows you exactly how the gun deals less damage the further away your target. Graphs with a very steep drop, such as the Double Barrel Shotgun, will have a very fixed limit on the effective range of their weapon, whereas a more gradual curve means you can still use the weapon at those longer distances - it just won't deal as much damage.

Exotic weapons in The Division 2

The rarest weapons it is possible to find in The Division 2 are so-called Exotic weapons. This top tier of weaponry distinguishes itself from the rest in multiple ways:

  • You may only have one Exotic weapon equipped at any given time.
  • Each Exotic weapon has unique Talents that cannot be found in other weapon tiers.
  • Exotic weapons all have a very distinct model and appearance, and their rarity colour is red/peach (not to be confused with the brighter orange of regular High-Tier weapons).

These Exotic weapons are designed to reflect your current level, and can be upgraded over time, so with due diligence regarding maintenance you can take an Exotic weapon with you from the start of your journey all the way into Endgame territory. So while their stats aren't always guaranteed to be above those of other weapons, they are designed to work in ways that other weapons cannot, and they have a much greater potential than other rarities of weapon. It's also worth noting that the Lullaby and Ruthless Exotic weapons are exclusive to the Capitol Defender pack, which you can read more about in Dave's The Division 2 preorder bonus item guide.

Take a look through the table below for information on all the Exotic weapons we currently know of in The Division 2.

NameClass/TypeRPMMag SizeReload TimeRange
RuthlessExotic Rifle260302.5s10-60m
Talents:Binary Trigger (this weapon is equipped with a binary trigger that fires on trigger pull and release) Brutality (while holstered, landing a shot has a 5% chance to deal +20% damage as explosive damage)
MercilessExotic Rifle260302.5s10-60m
Talents:Binary Trigger (this weapon is equipped with a binary trigger that fires on trigger pull and release) Guerilla Warfare (pulling the trigger fires primer rounds that stay embedded in an enemy. Releasing the trigger fires detonator rounds that detonate all primers on the enemy it hits. Each primer detonated gains +75% per primer detonated. Only one enemy can have primers and at most 5 primers can be embedded) Brutality (while holstered, landing a shot has a 5% chance to deal +20% damage as explosive damage)
Lullaby</strongExotic Shotgun7084.1s0-20m
Talents:Lullaby (landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armor.) Evasive (while equipped, dodging reloads 1% of your current weapon's magazine)
Sweet DreamsExotic Shotgun7084.1s0-20m
Talents:Sweet Dreams (landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armor and applies the Sandman debuff. Killing an enemy with the Sandman debuff reapplies the bonus armor.) Sandman (this debuff prevents the enemy from using armor kits and from receiving healing from any source) Evasive (while equipped, dodging reloads 1% of your current weapon's magazine)
The ChatterboxExotic SMG700602.2s0-30m
Talents:Incessant Chatter (every shot landed grants 1% rate of fire to a max of 60%. This resets on reload) Box Magazine (kills with this weapon refill 20% of its magazine and grants a buff for 10s. While the buff is active, every shot landed increases magazine capacity by 1 to a max of 60. Killing a target consumes the buff to fully refill the increased magazine) Blabbermouth (while holstered, reloading your weapon within 5s after a kill grants 20% rate of fire for 10s)
Kendra's LibertyExotic Pistol15081.9s0-30m
Talents:Liberty (gain +100% damage to hostile electronics. While aiming, enemy weak points and hostile electronics are highlighted.) Blind Justice (after destroying an enemy's weak point or hostile electronics, your next bullet deals +500% weapon damage. If that shot kills an enemy, your magazine is refilled and grants +100% weapon damage for the entire magazine) Independence (while holstered, destroying weakpoints refills 20% of your current weapon's magazine)

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are your bread-and-butter in The Division 2, and the class of gun which is supplied to you when you first start out with a new character. Different ARs can be full-auto or fire in bursts, but you're generally talking about a reliable, fast-firing gun with a decent mag size and wide effective range. The class-specific trait for all Assault Rifles is a bonus to Health damage.

Note: the values in the below tables were found through a combination of our own testing and in-game experiences, and datamined information collated by Reddit user "AdmiralRegis" in this spreadsheet.

NameDPS (Normalized)Damage (Normalized)RPMMag SizeReload Time
Black Market AK-M711007110600302.3s
Military AK-M711007110600302.5s
AUG A3671505925680302.0s
Tactical SA-58675686237650202.3s
Military G36701635613750302.3s
Police M4706784989850302.4s

Marksman Rifles/Sniper Rifles

Marksman Rifles, or Sniper Rifles, are slow-firing but pack one hell of a punch. Ideally to be used at long range, these sharpshooters have a very high base damage per shot comparable to that of shotguns, and to compensate for this they have high recoil, are slow to fire and to reload, and have generally very low mag sizes. The class-specific trait for all Marksman Rifles is a bonus to headshot damage.

NameDPS (Normalized)Damage (Normalized)RPMMag SizeReload Time
Classic M44 Carbine40021436595554.1s
Classic M44 Carbine Replica40021436595554.2s
Custom M4440021436595553.2s
Hunting M4441164449065553.8s
M700 Tactical34802386695977.1s


Rifles are the only class we didn't see in The Division 1, and they slot nicely between the slow but punchy Marksman Rifles and the full-auto Assault Rifles. Rifles usually have a higher rate of fire than their Marksman cousins, as well as a greater mag size and a smoother ride in general, though they predictably lack the flat damage potential per shot of the Marksman Rifles. These Rifles are generally very versatile in terms of their effective range, able to be used at both long and close range without too much difficulty. The class-specific trait for all Rifles is a bonus to Critical Hit damage.

NameDPS (Normalized)Damage (Normalized)RPMMag SizeReload Time
Classic M1A6735922453180103.0s
M1A CQB7650714345300103.0s
SIG 7166548513097300202.4s
Urban MDR5530011850280201.9s

SMGs (Submachine Guns)

Submachine Guns, or SMGs, are lightweight and very nimble options for close- to mid-range combat. What sets them apart from the other classes is an ability to dish out a stupendous number of bullets in a short space of time while simultaneously offering you a stability that enables you to maybe actually hit with some of those bullets. They're a varied class and an excellent backup weapon to be paired with an Assault Rifle or Marksman Rifle, but be wary of its intense damage dropoff over longer distances. The class-specific trait for all SMGs is a bonus to Critical Hit chance.

NameDPS (Normalized)</strongDamage (Normalized)</strongRPMMag SizeReload Time
SMG-9 A2771795613825321.8s
Tommy Gun665204989800502.2s
MP5 ST748405613800321.9s
Vector 9mm7484037421,200331.9s
Vector .45 APC7484037421,200251.9s
Tactical Vector8732043661,200191.9s

LMGs (Light Machine Guns)

The big brother of the SMG, the LMG is a beast of a weapon class, generally dealing higher damage per shot than SMGs at comparable rates of fire. The LMG's claim to fame is its mag size, which can range all the way up to 100 in some cases. It also has very heavy recoil which decreases the longer you hold down the trigger, so don't be afraid to keep your finger held down and let those bullets fly. The class-specific trait for all LMGs is a bonus to damage to targets out of cover.

NameDPS (Normalized)Damage (Normalized)RPMMag SizeReload Time
Classic RPK-74675686237650453.0s
Black Market RPK-74 E675686237650452.5s
Military RPKR-74 M675686237650452.8s
M249 B7146377965501005.6s
Tactical M249 Para7146377965501005.5s

Shooting a yellow heavy in DZ East.


Shotguns are, well, shotguns. Big, close-range monsters that deal disgusting amounts of damage, but only up to a certain distance, after which they turn into bubble shooters. Pair these up with a faster-firing weapon that can deal damage over longer distances, and you're all set. The class-specific trait for all Shotguns is a bonus to melee damage.

NameDPS (Normalized)Damage (Normalized)RPMMag SizeReload Time
Double Barrel129720 (adjusted for mag size)6486020022.2s
Super 90798242993416084.8s
Marine Super 90798242993416084.3s


Pistols are only available to be equipped into your Sidearm slot, and in most cases serve as a backup if all else fails. There's a fairly diverse range of Pistols to choose from, some trading damage for a faster rate of fire or vice versa, but they're all fairly handy at close and medium ranges. There is no class-specific trait for Pistols.

NameDPS (Normalized)Damage (Normalized)RPMMag SizeReload Time
First Wave PF45----230121.9s
Custom PF45----230151.9s
Px4 Storm Type F----250171.9s
Px4 Storm Type T----250201.9s
X-45 Tactical Replica6777310166400151.0s
586 Magnum399171496916061.7s
Police 686 Magnum48000(?)18000(?)16061.5s
Snubnosed Diceros26961898718061.8s
Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun129720 (adjusted for mag size)6486020022.2s

And that's everything we've got so far on all The Division 2 weapons! Hopefully you've emerged having found the information you were after. And keep checking back, because we'll be updating this and all our other The Division 2 guides as time goes on and we learn more about Massive's massive new world.

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