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The Walking Dead: The Final Season finally finishes today

This is the end, my only friend, the end...

Having survived the death of Telltale Games and risen from the grave, The Walking Dead: The Final Season today launched its fourth and final episode. This is the end, the end of Clementine's story, the proper end of Telltale's tales, the end of it all. I'm sure she'll be fine. Here, have a peek at the trailer.

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Skybound blast this blurb:

"It's time for the end. After years of fighting to survive, Clementine is now the leader of a community of lost children, and they're depending on her to get them home safe. In the aftermath of an explosive mission, fire, chaos, the living and the dead all stand in her way. Can Clementine be the saviour they need? Her story comes to a dramatic and heart-wrenching climax in this final episode. The night will be over soon..."

It would be against the spirit of the whole series if Clem and the gang do live happily ever after, wouldn't it? The best anyone can hope for is a brief moment of hope, respite from the awfulness and a hint that maybe nothing truly awful will happen for a few weeks. It's that or everyone is dead dead dead dead dead dead, right?

The full season of The Walking Dead: The Final Season costs £19 on on the Epic Games Store. Replacement developers Skybound Games switched to Epic exclusivity upon resurrecting it, and the game is no longer sold on Steam. You will still receive this episode (as well as the third one) on Steam if you have the game on there, but Epic is the way for newcomers or people who can't track down a Steam key somewhere.

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