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There’s a Dead Island 2 gameplay showcase on December 6th

New slayer Amy has already got her own trailer

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have scheduled a showcase for upcoming zombie-thwacking action RPG Dead Island 2. You can tune in on YouTube on December 6th at 8pm GMT/9pm CET/1pm PT, for some “action, gore and zombies”, they say. Ahead of that though, we’ve been introduced to another member of the game’s expanding cast of the still-living. New undead slayer Amy has been given her own teaser trailer, which you can watch here.

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Listen to me, CJ, waffling on at length about Dead Island 2's Gamescom trailer.

Amy was a running champ in the Paralympics before things went all dead and bitey in Los Angeles. That means she’s pretty good at sprinting around to whack zombies upside the head. She’s a laid back Californian with two useful innate skills that could help her, and you, survive the apocalypse. First up, Amy regains stamina when smacking a zombie with a thrown weapon thanks to her Relief Pitcher skill. Her second skill, Divide & Conquer, gives her a minor boost to damage inflicted on lone zombies.

As Graham noted earlier this month, the much delayed Dead Island 2 has been pushed back yet another three months. It’s now scheduled for release in April. “The irony of delaying Dead Island 2 is not lost on us,” the devs tweeted to accompany the delay announcement. “We’re going to take the time we need to make sure we can launch a game we’re proud to launch.” Ed certainly thought it seemed polished enough already when he went hands-on with Dead Island 2 at Gamescom back in August.

Dead Island 2 is out on April 28th, 2023 as an Epic Games Store exclusive. It’ll also stagger onto PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles.

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