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Dead Island 2 Curtis' Garage Key location

Learn where to find Curtis' Garage Key in Dead Island 2

Looking for Curtis' Garage Key in Dead Island 2? There are a few keys that you'll need to fully explore Curtis Sinclair's mansion in Dead Island 2, but Curtis' Garage Key is rather hard to find. If you've been busy scouring every room in the mansion for Curtis' Garage Key and have found yourself empty-handed, and a bit frustrated, then you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll show you where to find Curtis' Garage Key in Dead Island 2, so that you can enter his garage and use the Workbench within.

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Curtis' Garage Key location in Dead Island 2

Below, you'll find the steps that you must follow to find Curtis' Garage Key in Dead Island 2:

  1. Complete the "Bel-Air Brawl" main quest.
  2. Head to the garage in Curtis Sinclair's mansion.
  3. Hold the button to open the garage door.
  4. Kill the zombies within and grab Curtis' Garage key from the Workbench.
Dead Island 2 screenshot showing the location of Curtis' Garage Key on the map.

To get Curtis' Garage Key, you must find an alternative way to break into the garage.

Head to the garage and turn the corner to face the shutters. On the wall next to one of the closed shutters, you'll find a button. Press and hold the button for a few seconds to slowly open one of the shutters.

As it opens, a couple of zombies will shuffle out of the garage. Kill the zombies, and then head through the open shutter to enter Curtis' garage.

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing Curtis' Garage from the outside, with a closed gate and an open shutter.

As you enter, smash the wooden crates up ahead to uncover a low passage that you can get through by crouching. Continue through to find Curtis' Garage Key on the Workbench up ahead.

From there, you can simply use Curtis' Garage Key to open the nearby gate, allowing you to get in and out with ease in the future.

This is much easier to find than Curtis' Safe Key, which tasks you with killing a special Screamer zombie that'll spawn much later in the game.

That wraps up our guide on how to find Curtis' Garage Key in Dead Island 2. Of course, there are plenty of other keys scattered around Bel-Air, so make sure to check out our guides on where to find the Landscaper's Key, how to get the Goat Pen Master Keys, and where to find Brock's Safe Key in Dead Island 2.

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