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Here are the PC system requirements for Dead Island 2

Ahead of next week's gory launch

Developer Dambuster Studios have shared the system requirements for their zombie masher Dead Island 2 ahead of its release on April 21st. Most of the game’s requirements seem pretty standard for a modern open-world game, although you’ll need some pretty powerful CPUs and GPUs to run the sequel at recommended settings and above. Ripping into hordes in graphic details might cost you.

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Here are the PC system requirements for minimum, recommended, high, and ultra settings:

Dead Island 2's PC system requirements

The good news is that Dead Island 2 doesn’t require too much hard drive space compared to similar open-worlders. For example, Dead Island 2’s requirement of 70GB is on par with another undead sequel, Dying Light 2, which requires 60GB. It almost seems modest compared to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s requirement of 155GB.

Dambuster detailed the system requirements in a recent FAQ page, which also shed light on some other aspects of Dead Island 2. The team say three-player co-op is included, if you’d like to bring your friends to the gory streets of Hell-A, although they’ll have more to say about co-op in a separate blog post. For details on supported languages, streamer mode, and customisable HUD elements, head over to the technical FAQ page.

Our AliceB previewed Dead Island 2 for five hours, saying it feels “satisfying and refreshingly unpretentious,” even if there’s still some question marks over repetitive combat. Although, in a city full of brain-bashing sledgehammers and plenty of explosives, Alice was troubled by the abundance of locked doors. Keys are the first things to go in an apocalypse, no?

The long-awaited and much-delayed Dead Island 2 will launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive on April 21st for £55.

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