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Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe Key location

Learn where to find Curtis' Safe Key in Dead Island 2

Looking for Curtis' Safe Key in Dead Island 2? During the "Death of the Party" side quest in Dead Island 2, you'll likely spend a while hunting around for Curtis' Safe Key. Curtis' Safe is right there, after all, so surely the key is hidden somewhere around here? The answer is "kind of", but you won't be able to find it until much later in the game.

In this guide, we'll break down where to find Curtis' Safe Key in Dead Island 2, so that you can unlock Curtis' Safe and get your hands on a powerful new weapon.

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Curtis' Safe Key location in Dead Island 2

Below, you'll find the steps you must follow to find Curtis' Safe Key in Dead Island 2:

  1. Complete the "Plumbing the Depths" quest to defeat your first Screamer.
  2. Head back to Curtis Sinclair's mansion in Bel-Air.
  3. Defeat Crystal the Lawyer in Curtis' garden to retrieve Curtis' Safe Key.
Dead Island 2 map screenshot showing the location of Curtis' Safe Key.

To get Curtis' Safe Key in Dead Island 2, you must complete the "Plumbing the Depths" mission. During "Plumbing the Depths", you'll come across your first Screamer. That's an Apex Variant zombie that, well, screams very loud.

After encountering your first Screamer, head back to Curtis Sinclair's mansion in Bel-Air. If you're far away, don't forget to fast travel to make the trip significantly quicker.

Dead Island 2 screenshot of the tent in which Crystal the Lawyer spawns.

After arriving at Curtis Sinclair's mansion, head into the garden with the party decorations. On one end of the garden, there is a large tent. Inside, you'll find a special Screamer named Crystal the Lawyer.

When you defeat Crystal the Lawyer, they might drop Curtis' Safe Key. I'll highlight "might" real quick, because it's worth noting that Crystal did not drop the key on our first encounter.

We revisited later on to find that they had respawned, and killing Crystal a second time made the key drop. It's unclear whether this is a glitch, or if Curtis' Safe Key does not have a 100% drop rate.

If you're struggling to defeat Crystal the Lawyer even once, then consider inviting some pals into a Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer session for some help.

That wraps up how to get Curtis' Safe Key in Dead Island 2. If you're after all of the Bel-Air keys, check out our guides on where to find the Goat Pen Master Keys, where to find Brock's Safe Key, and where to get the Landscaper's Key in Dead Island 2.

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