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Dead Island 2 Jamal's Crate Key location

Learn where to find Jamal's Crate Key in Dead Island 2

Looking for Jamal's Crate Key in Dead Island 2? In Dead Island 2, you'll find plenty of locked boxes that require specific keys to open. As you explore the Halperin Hotel, one box requires Jamal's Crate Key, but it's seemingly nowhere to be found. That's because Jamal's Crate Key will only spawn during a specific side quest.

In this guide, we'll break down where to find Jamal's Crate Key in Dead Island 2, so that you can open Jamal's Stash and get the powerful weapon contained within.

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Jamal's Crate Key location in Dead Island 2

Below, you'll find the steps that you must follow to find Jamal's Crate Key in Dead Island 2:

  1. Complete the "Plumbing the Depths" main quest.
  2. Return to the Serling Hotel hub.
  3. Retrieve the "Missing: Jamal" poster from the wall next to Dr Reed's office.
  4. Head to the Halperin Hotel and follow Jamal's trail until you find his abandoned car.
  5. Kill Jamal at the collapsed road to retrieve Jamal's Crate Key.
Dead Island 2 screenshot showing the location of Jamal's Crate Key on the map.

To find Jamal's Crate Key in Dead Island 2, you must find and kill Jamal as a zombie.

However, Jamal will not spawn until you start the "Missing: Jamal" side quest. To get the "Missing: Jamal" side quest, you must first complete "Plumbing the Depths".

After completing "Plumbing the Depths", return to the Serling Hotel (a safe area that you'll find around halfway through the game) and head to Dr Reed's office. You'll find missing person posters, including one for Jamal, on the wall outside. Grab Jamal's to start the "Missing: Jamal" quest.

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing the collapsed road at the Halperin Hotel.

After grabbing Jamal's poster, fast travel to the Halperin Hotel and follow his trail. This will lead you through two security checkpoints, in which you'll find the location of Jamal's truck.

Follow the trail to Jamal's truck to find Jamal himself, shambling around as a zombie in riot gear. Jamal isn't too tough, but you'll probably need to hit them a few more times than normal to break through that armor.

After defeating Jamal, they'll drop Jamal's Crate Key on the floor as a reward.

While Jamal isn't particularly difficult, you might also come across a Slugger named Sunbather at the same location. Sunbather is a powerful miniboss, but defeating them will grant you the Poolside Container Key. If you're struggling, invite some pals into a Dead Island 2 multiplayer session to make things easier.

That wraps up how to get Jamal's Crate Key in Dead Island 2. There are plenty more keys scattered around throughout LA, though. If you're sticking around at the Halperin Hotel, take a look at our guide on where to find the Laundry Room Locker Key in Dead Island 2. To clean up in Bel-Air, check out our guides on where to find Curtis' Safe Key, where to find Brock's Safe Key, and where to find the Landscaper's Key in Dead Island 2.

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