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This War Of Mine Update 1.4 Improves Scenario Editor  

Update 1.4 named "New Beginnings"

This War Of Mine [official site] is a sobering experience. Like most of us, I've never been involved in an actual war, thus any knowledge I have regarding the atrocities of conflict has been accrued from modern media. This War Of Mine may be a fictional, video game take on these realities, but its Sims'-esque slant on war zone resource management delivers something which, at the very least, feels real from a position of relative ignorance.

Update 1.4, named "New Beginning", adds Steam Workshop support, meaning players can now share the scenarios they invent in the game's editor suite.

Of course, having just re-read Alec's This War Of Mine review from last year, I realise he did a better job of articulating the above, so much so that I'm going to repeat it here: "And it’s The Sims, mostly, but transplanted from consumerist America to an unspecified (but apparently Eastern European) nation shattered by conflict. Your characters’ motivations, then, are not a bigger telly, a sprint up the career ladder or blurred-out nookie with the neighbour’s wife, but simply eating, sleeping, staying warm, not getting killed by illness or invader. Even toileting isn’t a priority here."

By adding Steam Workshop functionality, the patch brings with it expansions to the Scenario Editor, introducing more diverse characters - something developer 11 Bit Studios hopes will help players "create more personalised stories". What's more, the update adds three new languages: Korean, Japanese and Turkish.

Moving forward, 11 Bit Studios also point to the fact that they're developing modding tools for This War Of Mine, and that more details on this will be announced as they go. Full details of the update can be watched here:

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