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What are we all playing this Easter weekend?


Thank you and farewell, John Walker. That's him off now, off to a better place to... look, I do still half-suspect it's no accident he's scarpering on Good Friday, but surely even John wouldn't dare to return three days later and declare himself the second coming of games blogging? That's more a Kieron move.

This is Easter weekend, whether John rises again or not, so we'll be away both Friday and Monday. We have a few posts lined up over the long weekend but we'll be quieter than usual until Tuesday. We will then return... well, still a little quieter than usual because John won't be here. But in a way, John will be everywhere.

What are you playing this Easter long weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I'm on holidaaaaaaaay so I could being playing anything. I will definitely still be playing Ritual Of The Moon though. I have about three weeks left of playing it a little bit every day.

Alice L

I'm so excited for a four day weekend, I'm planning on updating all of my Sims mods - thanks to the new update - and downloading a bunch of new CC. Because sure, there are new games out, but SIMS! I'll probably also start playing Tacoma and maybe Shadow Of The Tomb Raider too. We'll see. I'm also planning on catching up on a lot of reading, and maybe finishing some games on my Switch. I'll probably play fetch with my dog too, so that counts right?

Alice O

I'm keen to probe the secrets of Heaven's Vault, though... maybe I will get away from it all and swim all over on what's forecast to be a glorious weekend. The sea is now almost warm enough that I don't swear when a wave first hits my tummy. Almost.


I might turn off all the computers and consoles in my house and read a book or something because my mind is melting and my back hurts. If I feel better by Sunday I'll get back to putting my wee handwritten dictionary together in Heaven's Vault.


Easter will be a bit light on games, though I'd imagine there will be some time for at least a campaign or two on Pathway. Still really enjoying it, even if the combat does get a tad repetitive for me. I may have time for older games too, but we'll wait and see what they'll be.


I installed Metro Exodus then deleted it unplayed. Then I installed The Division 2 and deleted it unplayed. Finally, I have now installed Sekiro. Will I click the play button on it even once? Honestly, probably not - but I have to build suspense in order to fill this space, when the reality is that I have a three year old and so the only videogame I'll be playing will be Toca Life: Pets on the iPad.


Do I get to be here one more time? Cor. I'm going to take a look at Forager, and I just started replaying The Talos Principle entirely for fun. And then I'm not going to have anywhere to write about either, and this is scary and confusing.


It's time to visit the in-laws this long weekend, so that means more Switch-based Octopath Traveler for me, I think. I was hoping to gorge myself on some tasty SteamWorld Quest morsels and chomp into the new BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! as well over our mini-holiday, but they're not coming out until next week, which is frankly just a bit rude, if you ask me. Oh well. I might also take my laptop down and play a bit of Heaven's Vault, too, because I've been looking forward to that for AGES.


I'm leaving the sunny delights of Brighton behind for the lukewarm delights of Wolverhampton, where I'll probably play Baba Is You on my Switch. And go for a nice walk with my folks.

It'll be lovely, really. I didn't mean to be rude.


Ave, citizens! This weekend, I shall be channelling the essence of Ghoastus (the famous Roman Ghost), as I plunge my gladius into Imperator: Rome, the next orgy of complexity from Paradox. It seems strangely fitting to be playing Imperator over Easter for, after all, they are rather integral to the whole story of the festival. Indeed, Romans are almost as central to Easter as they are to Halloween, when their ghosts rise from the cold earth to bring us glad tidings. Let's hear it for Romans, folks.


I'm to Devon this weekend, so it'll be whatever my crummy laptop can run. I've had The House in Fata Morgana downloaded for what feels like a million years, so should probably give that a go. The internet tells me that it has one of the best stories going, but something about the winsome anime maid on the startup icon puts me on edge.


Ollie has been fired.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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