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What are we all playing this weekend?


Snow! How exciting. Amounts may vary across the country but hell, I'm still delighted with yesterday's centimetre. I'm keeping an eye on several webcams around the countryside to see if a big dump lands nearby, then I'll be out the door for a nice long hike stumbling up hills then sliding back down on my botty.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


There's so much of Sunless Skies I haven't braved a soul-flaying journey through just yet, so I'll be searching for ports unknown and uncovering the dastardly secrets of my various Officers in that, I imagine.

I also need to trim my cat's claws before she murders my baby (accidentally or otherwise), which will be an invigorating and bloody challenge.

Alice Bee

Alice is on her hols.

Alice L

For me, this weekend will be cosying up away from the snow, in front of the fire, with my dog and my Switch. But I will also be swan-diving into Anthem and trying to get my head around how to fly with mouse and keyboard!

Alice O

Assuming I'm not falling down a snowy hill, hopefully I'll be in a cold sea. Freshwater has been freezing but I've nowhere good nearby so I'm stuck with this stupid lousy boiling hot 5C sea. Ugh! Beyond that, I've got an Ape Out preview peek to smash through and yeah yeah more Destiny 2 I know shut up.


I'm going to be giving Mr Hat the ol' runaround in Resident Evil 2 between stabbing tiny, adorable war puppies in Wargroove. It's a fruitful and busy month ahead, and I've got to scoff as much of today's good stuff as I can.


This week, I'll be moving, so not much time for playing games I don't think. However I do intend to play some more Resident Evil 2 if I can as I'm enjoying it immensely so far.


I'm going to keep playing Wargroove, the adorable spiritual successor to Advance Wars. I agree so far with everything Brendan said in his Wargroove review, but I'd also spend more time talking about how cute and polished it is visually. The tiny ghosts that fold out of fallen units on the battlefield; the way menus swish and shoop on screen upon completing a mission; the map details like sparkling waterfalls and hovering birds. Chucklefish have amazing 2D artists.


Well, it's the weekend, so I won't have time for games. But if Toby's swimming lessons are cancelled because of snowflakes snowflakes, I imagine there will be some sofary PS4ing.


Depending on who can stake themselves out in front of the Castle living room PC first this weekend, I'll either be carrying on with Lara Croft's sunny apocalypse holiday in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, or cosying up some turn-based violence on my Switch as I alternate between whacking some soldiers in Wargroove and whacking some monsters in Octopath Traveller. Either way, it's a win-win.


I am playing 'packing for a holiday'. It's exciting, but the loading times are too long.


On the final straight of Metro Last Light (and these are train tunnels, so it really is straight) and having a wonderful time with it. Has some of my favourite first person stealth ever, with a silenced pistol that gives GoldenEye's a run for its money. What a treat.


I think it's time I got back to Return Of The Obra Dinn, having played a couple hours of it with the family over Christmas and adored it, but then not having the chance to continue since. Perhaps I'll also throw in some Factorio too. Simply because it's Factorio.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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