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What are we all playing this weekend?


This weekend, we are like a duck: aloof, quizzical, gagging for bread, aggressive to strangers during mating season, and calm on the surface but paddling like hell underneath. PAX East is this weekend in the Americky, and we have a small part in it thanks to sharing parent companies. Then next week is EGX Rezzed, the games show in London which we have a much larger part in. I've heard what some of the others are up to and... oof, that's a murderload of prep work, let alone on-the-days work. Me, naw mate, I'm skipping it all to stay home. I only leave Scotland for births, marriages, deaths, and free dinners.

ALSO, REMEMBER: clocks go back on Sunday morning in the UK. Or forward. Spring back, leap forward? Your clock is wrong, I'm saying.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


It's Yoshi's Crafted World on that there Switch for me, primarily because it's something cheerful I can play in the dark while spending a two hours every night singing Twinkle Twinkle until the baby falls asleep.

Alice Bee

This weekend I will be playing Baba Is You. It is a very good puzzle game, which John reviewed and was correct about. You solve the puzzles by moving words around, and as long as they form a correct sentence of three words, that sentence becomes true. BABA IS YOU but equally, KEY might also IS YOU. Or ROCK. Or WALL. I am stuck on the one where I have the words KEY, PUSH, KEY and OPEN but only one IS. I need to make the KEY solid (PUSH) so I can use it to unlock (OPEN) the DOOR, but I can't work out how to oh no wait I'm pretty sure I've just figured it out be right back.

Alice L

This weekend I'll be tuning in (geddit?) to Oxenfree for a second playthrough, but my first on PC! I loved it on the Switch but it's so nice to see their faces all close up. The art in that game is phenomenal and I want to have blue hair like Alex.

Alice O

Destiny 2's PvP has been bustling this week in the Iron Banner event, so I fancy goofing off with the gang more in that. 6 players all going Fighting Lion, then Skyburner's Oath, then Hard Light, then... we put on some foolish lightshows, and won most of 'em too. Plus I've reached the half-way point of the ranked ladder, so I just need to grind one quest step and I'll get the hallowed Luna's Howl. Hi it's me still playing the same MMO sorry.

That said, it's looking to be a glorious weekend to sack it all off and get in the sea.


Stop! Stop! Please stop making games for two seconds. I didn't get to savour Metro Exodus before Tom Clancy came along and ruined it. I didn't get to clean up all the icons in The Division 2 before that bloomin' Shinobi came along and stabbed me with joy. And I've barely been able to die happy in Sekiro, and along comes a review version of Heaven's Vault. Ahhhh! Stop!


This weekend sees almost no video games being played, though there will be plenty of board games over the coming days. They're mostly party games, though I'd imagine they'd include the likes of Hanabi (or "Count to five with the help of your friends") and Libertalia. When I am however at my PC, I'll be playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I am definitely nearing the end now, as I've one secret boss and one main boss to go. Not sure if I'll go for any of the other endings, but I would have to play NG+ to achieve any of them.


I'm not going to be playing games this weekend, because it's my kid's 3rd birthday and my own parents are visiting. Also it's Rezzed next week and I've got a game to make. I'd really like to lie down.


Pfffffffff, only three more weeks before I get to stop pretending that I'll have any time to play games at the weekend. But we're not there yet so... I'm hoping to play some The Division 2, because even though I know it's only OK, I do like me an Ubimap to hoover.


I'm at PAX East this weekend so I will be playing all the games in the history of the universe as I try and work out how to navigate the maze of booths currently crammed inside Boston's convention centre. Particularly looking forward to spending some time with Felix The Reaper, El Hijo and Buildings Have Feelings Too, but who knows what other delights wait round the corner? No, really, I can't find my way out. Please send help!


I would be playing Sekiro and Battlefield Royale, if I wasn't in London seeing a friend and a Celtic electro-folk-rock band. Perhaps there will be time for all of the above.


Katharine is away at PAX so I've lost my Division 2 co-op buddy (nothing strengthens a marriage like shooting looters), which means this weekend will be spent bouncing off all the bosses currently halting my Sekiro progress. I'll probably just go and run circuits of Mt Kongo instead - shanking monks as they slowly trudge up the hill is a great stress reliever.


I'm heading home to spend time with the family for Mother's Day this weekend, so it's likely we'll use this time to finally continue our collective playthrough of Return Of The Obra Dinn. It's been so long that I cannot remember a solitary name, face, or place in that game. I think there's a ship involved? I'm sure it'll all come flooding back.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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