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What are we all playing this weekend?


The wheels of time keep on turning. Fair thee well, Alec Meer. We hardly knew ye. Thine work lives on. May yon wheels of steel roll forever. And that's me out of words.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Last week I discovered Graveyard Keeper and since then I have been staying up after my bedtime to play it. It's like Stardew Valley but without as much admin to worry about. I can have a lovely kitchen garden, without worrying about seasons or watering it every day. I can go dungeoneering, but if I don't want to I can get all the resources from it somewhere else. I can chop trees down to make firewood for my forge. And I look after a graveyard and do a church service every week. Also the dead bodies are brought to me by a communist donkey, who recently unionised with himself to get a day off and an upfront payment of 10 carrots per week. Good lad.

Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing The Sims 4 probably, because even though I have a whole load of new games to play (sorry Tomb Raider, Tacoma, et al.) I just can't stop playing The Sims at the moment. Or Cities: Skylines. Why play new games when the old ones are Just Fine?

Alice O

I quite fancy creeping through murk and mire, dashing across open water to avoid the lurking horrors, and setting my foes on fire. And in Hunt: Showdown.


Brendan has been fired. You best watch yourself, buddy - Alec thought this was all a joke and WHERE IS HE NOW?


I'll be trying a bit of Anno 1800 since it's in open beta. Never tried one before so interested to see what it's like. If it turns out it's not my thing, I'll also be spending some time with Pathway - which is that Indiana Jones-like tactical RPG from Chucklefish. It was interesting the two times I'd played it at expos and I'm intrigued to see if the full thing is good.


Graham has been fired. No one is safe.


In my last ever weekend as an RPS employee, I shall be trying to play some more Supraland, a review for next week, but far more likely will be in the back garden or throwing a bouncy ball up and down the stairs.


After stalling on it for a couple of weeks, the news of Octopath Traveler potentially coming to PC in June has given me a renewed vigour to see this thing through to the end. That's probably still another 30-odd hours off, mind, but I'm determined to draw a line under this before it arrives on PC where I'll almost certainly be tempted to buy it again, if only for those sweet, sweet, high resolution pixel graphics. So please cast some Haste spells for me this weekend. I'm going to need it.


Matt has been fired. NO ONE IS SAFE.


More Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for me. I'm surprised how well they hold up - even though I know the outcome of every case, the daft characters and energy of the courtroom music keep me hooked.


This weekend I'm going to be guzzling down giant, double-handed servings of Anno 1800, as the game slouches towards Tuesday to be born. I'm really looking forward to setting up a bunch of different mines, and maybe heading to the new world, in order to grow loads of fun tropical fruits without thinking too much about the horrors of colonialism. As a sort of a palate cleanser, I'll be diving into the goblin-haunted depths of Hearthstone, in order to try out the plethora of beautifully silly rogue decks made possible by the new expansion. Thinking of making a really good salad too, but that's not really a game to me.


Besides plumbing the depths of Risk Of Rain 2, Graham has recently put me onto a little piece of masterful silliness called Zombs Royale - a 2D battle royale playable in your browser. I played my first couple of games last night, and won a match by pretending to heal in full sight of the last enemy, before switching to my Legendary Shotgun (which I gambled was good) and blasting him to pieces as he rounded the corner. I guess I'm a sucker for battle royales, because I'm already hooked.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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