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What are we all playing this weekend?


So we're back, and we've brought a new year with us. Well, we're mostly back - half the team splurged with holiday days and skipped this week, the dogs. But next week we should be properly back. Say, has this new year inspired you to make any gaming resolutions? I don't work that way myself but I know some people find 'em helpful and satisfying. Dish!

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


After months of gazing at it, guilt-wracked, in my Steam library (and always, always clicking on Slay The Spire instead), I finally threw myself at Prey Mooncrash. I'd been gazing at it with all the suspicion of an Essex pensioner spotting a sign for vegan sausage rolls, concerned that all this roguelikey, pointsy funny business was entirely inappropriate for a slow-burn game of lonely exploration. But whaddayaknow? Here I am, back in Arkane's sinister bosom, as happy as can be once again.

Alice Bee

This weekend my mum is visiting and we're apparently going to go to the Transport Museum. Around that I'm going to probably play Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, which I picked up over the break. It's another Tomb Raider game, which is fine! I'm actually enjoying it a lot. Also I have started holding my breath for the length that Lara has to when she's scrabbling through collapsing underwater caves. So I could die this weekend, is what I'm saying.

Alice L

Alice has been fired.

Alice O

Okay but look, me once again saying I'm playing Destiny 2 doesn't mean I'm trapped in an MMO hole because now I've reached the end-game with raids and stuff and I don't really need to power up and grind gear anymore I can just play the bits of Destiny 2 I enjoy. I've been having a grand time raiding with the RPS community clan, improving at PvP murders, and all that. And finding good hats. And I can play that for fun and stop whenever because I don't need to dig myself out this hole anymore okay.


Brendan has been fired.


This weekend is going to mainly consist of playing some of the games I played over the Christmas break as I found myself being busier than anticipated. I did finish Return Of The Obra Dinn, This would be some more Monster Hunter: World, and a bit more CS:GO for its battle royale-like mode. I also began Gris, so will probably continue that too.


I'll be punting friends into the air in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. This is because the 'Team Jump' ability, where you can spring your allies across the map, is a total joy. After years of turn-based strategy games being about hiding, tired and near-death behind low walls, I'm in love with something that says: you can jump really far between low walls.


John has been fired.


Having been away for most of Christmas and now stuck in Lake Tahoe for a friend's wedding, my PC has been sitting lonely and unloved for several weeks now. I played a bit of Yoku's Island Express on my Switch on the plane over here, but it wasn't long before I got stuck and quickly reverted back to a bit of Smash Bros. This combo will likely repeat until I'm back from CES at the end of next week.


Matt has been fired.


I'm at a wedding on Lake Tahoe. The only game I'm playing is 'Will Matthew's Post-Christmas Belly Fit Into His Suit?'. Steam reviews are mostly negative.


I appear to be the only one left on the RPS team not sick of battle royales, so this weekend I'll be filling my plate with enormous helpings of Fortnite and CS:GO Danger Zone, both of which scratch the battle royale itch in very different but equally wonderful ways.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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