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What are we all playing this weekend?


I say I say, my video games have no nose! How do they smell? Ozone, I suppose? Sorta raw electricity? I've learned not to sniff too closely after an overclocked GPU fan took the tip of my nose.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I'm going to be catching up on the Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC. The second chapter of Fate Of Atlantis came out a few weeks ago, so I am currently stomping around a much less lovely bit of the underworld while Hades is throwing a big hissy fit that I killed his dog. (I killed the dog on sufferance. Not even Kassandra seemed that happy about it.) So far it is good but I'm not enjoying it as much as the previous chapter because there are no big witches in this one.

Alice L

Alice L is on holiday.

Alice O

I've been enjoying Dota Underlords but I think I'm about done. I enjoy the feeling I'd get from learning and executing RTS build orders, and here it's a safe and quiet environment where no one's going to kick down my plans. I've enjoyed learning synergies and saving strategies and... long-term, eh, I think I'm good.


I'm on the last day of Pathologic 2, limping around like a panicky meerkat and trying to save as many poor souls from a terrible fate as possible. It's still a bit of a jank-o-farce, but I am doing everything possible to save these characters from illness, and have become totally submerged in the role of crackpot doc. So the game is doing something right.


The day has finally come friends. This weekend, I am going to attempt to build my own PC for the first time. It'll be from a mixture of parts from the Alienware, the new stuff I purchased, and a couple of hand-me-downs. My partner described that the end result will basically make it "the Trigger's Broom of computers" and she's not entirely wrong. The goal is to make it a lot more stable, while at the same time getting rid of a very stupid case.


I've been bashing through short games this past fortnight, and I'm going to continue by playing It's Winter. I know very little about it except that it's first-person, it's set in eastern Europe, and it appears to be about cooking things alone in your flat on a snowy night. I hope this is all it is.


Since AMD have decided to launch every possible new thing under the hot summer sun next Sunday, I'm going to be playing the 'Holy motherboard of all benchmarking' games this weekend as I race to get all their Navi cards, Ryzen processors and fancy new X570 motherboards tested in time for release day. If I don't end up melting from the heat outside, I'm almost certainly going to end up melting from the heat coming off of my overworked PC. Pray for me.


It's been ages since I WAWAPed, but my habits haven't changed: I'll be playing yet more Mordhau. I've been tinkering around with different builds and different habits, each new weapon and technique opening my eyes yet wider to what a splendid game this is. More, I say. Mor.


I should really be catching up on Warframe to prep for upcoming TennoCon, but I'm probably going to visit Hitman 2's new bank stage instead. If Nic Reuben's investigation in queue dynamics was anything to go by, it's going to be a fun way to spend a sunny weekend.


Nate is on holiday.


I'm not actually going to be playing anything on a PC this weekend because I'm off to Bristol visiting family. We'll undoubtedly end up playing some party or tabletop games though. Articulate or Pictionary paired with alcohol and excellent company just about makes up for a couple days without a PC. Just about.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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