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What are we all playing this weekend?

Mostly Control and Wilmot's Warehouse for us

My inability to understand my new flat's ultra-complex central heating controls means that I am still forced to act summery. I mean, I was going to spend half this weekend in the sea anyway, but I'll be coming home to a flat that is REFRESHINGLY COOL and not at all cold. Who feels cold in summer?

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

As predicted, Wilmot's Warehouse did, in fact, consume my soul. There is only the sorting, now. I may start arranging things in my room by colour or shape rather than function. Who knows where it could end?

Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing games with friends! I know, *gasp*, friends! So I'll be finishing off the Portal 2 co-op campaign for the bazillionth time with a different friend and messing around in Left 4 Dead. Classic games. Top games. Great bants. And also I'll be playing more Control which I started earlier this week. I bloody love Control.

Alice O

I am enjoying Control's use of live-action video very much. Remedy seem to have found the ideal genre for them to work in, having great fun with their shameless SCP rip-off. I do not care about the protagonist or her motivations and the combat exists at best, but I am jolly happy exploring this spooky-ooky facility clearing up side-quests as I move towards (I think?) the end.


Astrid has been fired.


I'll likely be schlepping across the battlelands in Apex Legends with some pals. The latest update has added a wacky portal in the sky that slurps everybody who enters it into a small dark room. When loads of people go for this portal during the jump, it becomes a horrible sci-fi funnel pouring you all straight into a cramped bottle full of people punching each other. Cool.


Dave has been fired.


I've started playing the full release of Wilmot's Warehouse. I first dabbled with it earlier this year when it was a Humble Original, and between this and A Short Hike, Humble Originals seem to be producing or helping to produce a lot of great games.


I'm going to be spending 75% of my time sitting on a train this weekend, which gives me the perfect opportunity to play some more Medieval Hogwarts Simulator (aka: Fire Emblem). I might break things up with a bit of Wilmot's Warehouse, too, but there's only so much 'moving stuff around a grid' a girl can take in a single weekend.


Matt has been fired.


Matthew has been fired.


Nate has been fired.


Wilmot's Warehouse is an extraordinarily dangerous game. I'm currently halfway through the massive undertaking of shifting the hundreds of items in my warehouse around so that they are ordered by colour. First by background colour, and then by the number of colours present in each item. It terrifies me that I consider this an excellent use of my weekend.


There was a big work party last night, so by the time you read this I will be very, very tired. Something that requires no reflexes beckons. I put together a new crew of impossibly stylish pirates in Star Traders: Frontiers last weekend, so maybe I'll put them to the test. It's been too long.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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