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Wild Hearts Lizard Bloom locations: Where to find Lizard Bloom

Here's the fastest way to get Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts

Looking for Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts? Lizard Bloom is just one of a great many upgrade materials that you will need to gather in Wild Hearts in order to craft and upgrade new weapons and armour. Lizard Bloom is one of the earlier materials you'll need in the game, and fortunately it's fairly easy to come by if you know where to look.

In this quick guide we'll explain exactly where to go to get Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts, so you can get to upgrading your equipment as quickly as possible for the hunts ahead.

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Where to find Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts

Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts is obtained by either killing or petting Springwatch Monitors or Nightshade Monitors. These two lizard-like Kemono are small (human-size) creatures which are very similar to one another, but can be found in different locations.

Springwatch Monitors are found in Natsukodachi Isle, the first region in Wild Hearts. Meanwhile, if you want to find Nightshade Monitors then you'll have to reach Chapter 2 and unlock the region of Akikure Canyon. The good news is that both types of Monitor drop Lizard Bloom, so the easiest way to obtain it early on is to track down some Springwatch Monitors in the prologue area.

The Springwatch Monitor section of the Wild Hearts Cyclopedia.

To obtain Lizard Bloom from a Springwatch Monitor or Nightshade Monitor, you can either kill it or pet it. Petting it will guarantee you a Lizard Bloom, while killing it will give you either a Lizard Bloom or a Scale material. So petting is the better option for gathering Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts.

If you want to pet it, you'll need to sneak up to it while it isn't looking, and use the "Pet" interaction button on it. Doing so will cause the lizard to run away, but first it will drop a Lizard Bloom on the floor for you to pick up.

Lizard Bloom locations

To find the locations of the creatures which drop Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts, explore the region they are in, and then open up the map and set the map filter to show Small Kemono using the D-Pad or the arrows to the bottom-left of the map screen. Then hover over the dots that appear on the map to find which areas tend to spawn Springwatch Monitors or Nightshade Monitors.

Hopefully you now have all the information you need to gather the Lizard Bloom you require in Wild Hearts. If you're looking to craft weapons and armour, then check out our handy guides on the best weapons in Wild Hearts and the best armor in Wild Hearts. For information on other useful crafting and upgrade materials, consult our guides on how to find Pointed Scales, Lightstone, Mirror Stone, and Simian Yin Organ Gems in Wild Hearts.

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