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Wo Long release time: When can you play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Release times differ on PC and console for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long two men with swords battling
Image credit: Koei Tecmo

What time does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty release? Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty releases on March 3rd, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason a full half of the RPS Treehouse are off that day is so that they can play it over a three-day weekend.

If you have similar plans, you're proabably eager to know just when you can get stuck in. Read on for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty global release times for both PC and console.

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Wo Long release times on PC

Below is Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo's official global release times map for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on PC:

A map of the world, displaying the global release times for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in every time zone.

For PC players, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty releases on Friday, March 3rd at:

  • 12am (midnight) PST for Los Angeles
  • 2am CST for Chicago and Mexico City
  • 3am EST for New York
  • 3am COT for Bogotá
  • 5am BRT for Brasília
  • 8am GMT for London
  • 9am CET for Paris and Warsaw
  • 10am SAST for Cape Town
  • 10am EET for Cairo
  • 11am AST for Riyadh
  • 12pm GST for Dubai
  • 12am (midnight) SGT for Singapore
  • 12am (midnight) CST for Beijing and Taipei
  • 1am KST for Seoul
  • 1am JST for Tokyo
  • 3am AEDT for the Australian East Coast
  • 5am NZDT for New Zealand

Wo Long release times on console

Console owners will have a slightly different set of Wo Long release times compared to their pals on PC. Lucky for them, most will get the opportunity to get their hands on the game a little bit earlier, as the console verison is releasing on March 3rd at 12am (midnight) local time in all regions.

If you need something else to tide you over while you wait out the last few hours until Wo Long's release, be sure to check out Ed's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review, in which he makes a very compelling case for playing this exciting new Souls-like.

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