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A Total War Saga: Troy is clearly coming, though still not officially

An adaptation of the 2004 Brad Pitt film, I assume

While Creative Assembly have still announced no such game, A Total War Saga: Troy today graduated from "open secret" status to "mate come on". The latest issue of PC Gamer has hit some store shelves and the cover game is you-know-what. "Epic battle in a world of gods and monsters," the cheery RPS fanzine declares. I would very much like this to mean it's a mythological epic with a giant wooden horse and Achilles literally having a fight with a river and all that. Details are hazy for now, though Creative Assembly's public stance on the game they still have not announced downplays the fantastical. Cowards.

Update: Oh look what they just announced, what a surprise.

Reddit poster "Mavus" snapped this PCG cover in... where is that, a WHSmith in a large London train station?


Saga is the Total War subseries formally started by Thrones Of Britannia (though Fall Of The Samurai was retroactively dubbed a Saga), a line of games focused on smaller places and specific times. It lets them go more in-depth with particular stories and maybe a bit weirder. Sadly, Creative Assembly seem to be downplaying the mythological angle of Troy.

"Love the speculation and we'll have more information on this VERY soon, but for now I just want to say that we're really focusing on the truth behind the myth..." a Creative Assembler responded.

Given that the Trojan War everyone knows is more myth than history and might at best be a hodge-podge of different wars at different times, that's a curious claim. There are several potential truths and they're all pretty chuffing hazy.

That doesn't mean Creative Assembly can't assemble fragments of stories into a coherent piece of historical fiction but why would you when you can have Achilles going radge, an army hidden inside a chuffing great horse, and Zeus stoking war in an attempt to quietly cull his bastard children and placate the wife? I suppose they could have a more fantastical mode too, like in Three Kingdoms, though they'd probably still stop short of fighting rivers. Cowards.

Creative Assembly's latest newsletter teases a happening at 3pm on Thursday and gosh what ever could it be?

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