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Best Crossbow loadout in Warzone

The best Crossbow loadout for dropping enemies with a single shot in Warzone

Looking for the best Crossbow loadout to bring into Warzone Pacific? It's certainly a unique option to consider in a game all about firearms and high tech weaponry. Still there's fun to be had when wielding this modern take on a medieval weapon, and it's more than capable of one-shotting enemies if you have the skills to wield it. Just don't take the Crossbow into Warzone with the expectation of dominating. It's a novelty at best, and you should be using the best guns in Warzone if your goal is to win.

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Best Crossbow loadout in Warzone

Here's the best Crossbow loadout in Warzone:

  • Cable: 28-Strand Cable
  • Arms: XRK Thunder 200 Lb
  • Stock: FORGE TAC Speedtrak
  • Bolt: FTAC Fury 20 Bolts
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

There are many ways to customize the Crossbow, and this loadout focuses on general versatility and maximum damage. The projectile travel velocity is very slow, making ranged shots difficult to land. For this reason, the loadout forgoes an Optic to focus on close-mid range encounters.

Equip the 28-Strand Cable along with the XRK Thunder 200 Lb Arms to boost the projectile velocity. These attachments are necessary to offset penalties from another attachment; however, the Arms attachment presents a large penalty to ADS time and sprint speed. Still, the benefits to projectile velocity outweigh the drawbacks for this particular loadout as you'll understand once we get to the Bolt attachement.

The ADS penalty can at least be partially mitigated though with the FORGE TAC Speedtrak Stock. Seeing as you'll need to engage ADS for each shot with this weapon, it's critical that it stays feeling responsive.

The FTAC Fury 20 Bolts are what bring this Crossbow loadout together due to the additional explosive damage factor. These bolts add just enough damage to one-shot any enemy in Warzone. Land a headshot, and you'll finish them in the downed state once the bolt explodes.

Wrap this loadout up with the Sleight of Hand perk to significantly increase your fire rate. There's really no other weapon that needs this perk more, since you need to reload after each and every shot.

Secondary weapon

Considering the Crossbow's specialized nature, you should pair it with something versatile like an Assault Rifle. We put together a list of the best Assault Rifles for Warzone, which we highly encourage you to check out. If you're looking for something quick to pair with the Crossbow, the the C58, XM4, or the CR-56 AMAX are all safe bets.

Good hunting! You're now ready to go with the best Crossbow loadout in Warzone. While this isn't the most practical weapon, there's something to be said about its ability to dispatch enemies in a single shot and even off them after they're down. Make sure to pair this weapon with the best Warzone Perks in order to stay on top. We've also put together the best loadouts for Warzone if you find archery a little too impractical for your playstyle.

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