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The best Genshin Impact Eula build

Learn how to put together the best possible Eula build

Want to learn how to create the best Eula build in Genshin Impact? While Cryo Claymore user Eula isn’t the most loved by her fellow Mondstadt citizens thanks to her family’s tyrannical history, you’re sure to love her if you have her on your team. Eula has an all-around solid moveset, making her a stellar main DPS.

This guide will show you how to create the best Eula build in Genshin Impact. Below we'll cover everything you need to know about Eula, including wishing, weapons, artifacts, ascension materials, talents, abilities, and constellations.

Best Eula build: Weapons

Eula’s signature weapon, Song of Broken Pines, is a great pick for Eula as it offers a massive base ATK stat and includes extra physical damage buffs. The versatile Skyward Pride is also a great 5-star option thanks to its added Energy Recharge buff.

The 4-star Snow-Tombed Starsilver and Sacrificial Greatsword are also excellent options for Eula. Snow-Tombed Starsilver has a chance to drop an Everfrost Icicle when Charged Attacks are used, meaning you’ll be dealing bonus Cryo DMG on occasion. Sacrificial Greatsword is a great 4-star version of Skyward Pride, as it comes with a 40% chance of ending Eula’s Elemental Skill cooldown period after use.

Best Eula build: Artifacts

Once you’ve got Eula outfitted with the perfect weapon, you’ll also need to find the right artifacts. Since Eula’s Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill are both solid, shoot for a 4-piece Pale Flame set. This nifty set boosts physical damage and also provides an ATK boost after an Elemental Skill hits an opponent. Bloodstained Chivalry and Gladiator’s Finale are also great backup options, as these boost physical damage and ATK respectively.

When picking out which stats and substats to prioritize, always look for ATK%, Physical DMG Bonus, and CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG. Throwing a little Energy Recharge into the mix if you’re using Eula’s Burst a lot can work as well.

Best Eula build: Ascension Materials

To fully ascend Eula, you’ll need 1 Shivada Jade Sliver, 9 Shivada Jade Fragments, 9 Shivada Jade Chunks, 6 Shivada Jade Gemstones, 46 Crystalline Blooms, 168 Dandelion Seeds, 18 Damaged Masks, 30 Stained Masks, and 36 Ominous Masks.

Your best bet for farming Eula’s ascension materials is heading to the Cryo Hypostasis, which drops both Shivada Jade and Crystalline Bloom. Aside from that, you’ll only need to hunt down some Dandelion Seeds throughout Mondstadt and some Hilichurls for their Masks.

Best Eula build: Talents

To fully level Eula’s talents, you’ll need 9 Teachings of Resistance, 63 Guides to Resistance, 114 Philosophies of Resistance, 18 Damaged Masks, 66 Stained Masks, 93 Ominous Masks, 18 Dragon Lord’s Crowns, and 3 Crowns of Insight.

Aside from killing Hilichurls for Masks, farming for Eula’s talents is a bit tricky. You’ll be able to pick up the Resistance books on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays through the Forsaken Rift Domain. The Dragon Lord’s Crown can be obtained by defeating Lord of Vishaps Azhdaha in Liyue. And if you’re looking to go the extra mile and crown all of Eula’s talents, you can get Crowns of Insight from limited-time events or by making offerings to the Frostbearing Tree and the Sacred Sakura.

Eula’s talent priority really depends on what you’re planning on using her for. If you’re planning on mainly bringing her to boss fights, her Elemental Burst should take top priority (with her Normal Attack trailing closely behind). On the other hand, if you’ll mainly be using Eula to take down small enemies like Hilichurls, her Normal Attack should be your priority. In either case, prioritize her Elemental Skill last. Here’s everything Eula has up her sleeve:

  • Normal Attack - Perform up to 5 consecutive strikes.
  • Charged Attack - Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. At the end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.
  • Plunging Attack - Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
  • Elemental Skill: Icetide Vortex - Sharp frost, swift blade. Press: Slashes swiftly, dealing Cryo DMG. When it hits an opponent, Eula gains a stack of Grimheart that stacks up to two times. These stats can only be gained once every 0.3s. Grimheart: Increases Eula's resistance to interruption and DEF. Hold: Wielding her sword, Eula consumes all the stacks of Grimheart and lashes forward, dealing AoE Cryo DMG to opponents in front of her. If Grimheart stacks are consumed, surrounding opponents will have their Physical RES and Cryo RES decreased. Each consumed stack of Grimheart will be converted into an Icewhirl Brand that deals Cryo DMG to nearby opponents.
  • Elemental Burst: Glacial Illumination - Brandishes her greatsword, dealing Cryo DMG to nearby opponents and creating a Lightfall Sword that follows her around for a duration of up to 7s. While present, the Lightfall Sword increases Eula's resistance to interruption. When Eula's own Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst deal DMG to opponents, they will charge the Lightfall Sword, which can gain an energy stack once every 0.1s. Once its duration ends, the Lightfall Sword will descend and explode violently, dealing Physical DMG to nearby opponents. This DMG scales on the number of energy stacks the Lightfall Sword has accumulated. If Eula leaves the field, the Lightfall Sword will immediately explode.
  • Passive Talent 1 - If 2 stacks of Grimheart are consumed upon unleashing the Holding Mode of Icetide Vortex, a Shattered Lightfall Sword will be created that will explode immediately, dealing 50% of the basic Physical DMG dealt by a Lightfall Sword created by Glacial Illumination.
  • Passive Talent 2 - When Glacial Illumination is cast, the CD of Icetide Vortex is reset and Eula gains 1 stack of Grimheart.
  • Passive Talent 3 - When Eula crafts Character Talent Materials, she has a 10% chance to receive double the product.

Best Eula build: Constellations

Eula is strong without Constellations, though if you’re looking to fully max out every aspect of your Eula build, she’s predictably strongest at Constellation 6. Looking for a more attainable Constellation to strive for? Constellation 1 and 2 are also great goals as they buff Eula’s Elemental Skill, which tends to be her weakest. Here’s what all of Eula’s Constellations have to offer:

  • Constellation Lv. 1: Tidal Illusion - Every time Icetide Vortex's Grimheart stacks are consumed, Eula's Physical DMG is increased by 30% for 6s. Each stack consumed will increase the duration of this effect by 6s up to a maximum of 18s.
  • Constellation Lv. 2: Lady of Seafoam - Decreases the CD of Icetide Vortex's Holding Mode, rendering it identical to Tapping CD.
  • Constellation Lv. 3: Lawrence Pedigree - Increases the Level of Glacial Illumination by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Constellation Lv. 4: The Obstinacy of One’s Inferiors - Lightfall Swords deal 25% increased DMG against opponents with less than 50% HP.
  • Constellation Lv. 5: Chivalric Quality - Increases the Level of Icetide Vortex by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Constellation Lv. 6: Noble Obligation - Lightfall Swords created by Glacial Illumination start with 5 stacks of energy. Normal Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts have a 50% chance to grant the Lightfall Sword an additional stack of energy.

How to get Eula in Genshin Impact

Eula is a limited character, meaning you’ll only be able to wish for her at certain times. Her last banner ran from May to June 2021, meaning she can’t be pulled at the moment. Mihoyo does occasionally rerun more popular characters, though, so you might still have a chance to add the Spindrift Knight to your team. If you’re saving up for a potential Eula rerun, check out our guide on getting characters to learn the best ways to prep, or our codes list to get some free Primogems!

That’s all the info we’ve got on Eula! Why not check out our character tier list to see which other characters are good to wish for?

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