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Best Type 63 loadout in Warzone

Drop enemies hard and fast with the best Type 63 loadout in Warzone

Looking for the best Type 63 loadout to bring into Warzone Pacific? This Tactical Rifle has excellent damage that allows it to quickly kill with several well-placed shots. Thanks to its available attachments, it can easily outmatch some of the best SMGs in Warzone. This loadout capitalizes on that potential so that you can bring the Type 63 into any close-quarters Warzone engagement with the confidence that you'll come out on top.

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Best Type 63 loadout in Warzone

Here's the best Type 63 loadout in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: KGB Eliminator
  • Barrel: 16.4" Titanium
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Optic: Millstop Reflex
  • Rear Grip: Serpent Grip

The Type 63 is a powerful gun that comes with a lot of recoil as the tradeoff. While many may be tempted to use a GRU Suppressor, the KGB Eliminator is the best Muzzle attachment for this particular build. It offers significant vertical recoil control, which is particularly beneficial to the Type 63. It also provides limited location concealment. You will sacrifice some horizontal recoil, ADS speed, and movement speed as well, but these are all easier to deal with than a gun that's practically shooting at the moon after a few bullets.

The star of this Type 63 loadout is the 16.4" Titanium Barrel. This attachment allows the gun to kill enemies faster than almost any other gun in Warzone provided you hit at least a couple main body shots. You'll need to spam the trigger since it's semi-automatic, but it's worth it. Given the high fire rate though, it's important to control the recoil - hence the KGB Eliminator.

Next up is the Tiger Team Spotlight Laser attachment. This Cold War flashlight attachment will improve your overall movement speed by several percent, catering to the run-and-gun style of play best implemented for this weapon. Just keep in mind that you'll have a flashlight illuminating your position until you ADS.

With all of the recoil generated from firing this gun, you'll want a sight that's easy to see with. The Millstop Reflex is a good candidate, and its 1.37x magnification is about right for a gun in this close-quarters role.

Close range weapons are all about responsiveness, so the last attachment for this Type 63 loadout should restore the ADS time lost from the Muzzle attachment. The Serpent Grip Rear Grip plays that role beautifully.

Secondary weapon

Since this Type 63 loadout ensures dominance in close quarters situations, you're free to choose a weapon that will facilitate medium or long-range effectiveness. Opting for one of the best Sniper Rifles or one of the best Marksman Rifles in Warzone is our recommendation. For Sniper Rifles, the Swiss K31 and ZRG 20mm reign supreme in their respective roles. In the Marksman Rifle category, the Kar98k is the choice option.

However, you may want something different that pairs better with your personal playstyle. If that's the case, take a look at our guide for the best loadouts in Warzone and pick your preferred weapon class.

The TTK of this Type 63 loadout is definitely overpowered at the moment, so you may want to try out this Warzone build before any of the attachments get nerfed. If you find this build suddenly underperforming, you can always refer to our regularly-updated page on the best guns in Warzone to get your loadouts back to meta-grade.

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