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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's latest patch makes weapon levelling less agonising

Time to get attached

If, like me, you’ve been grinding away in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer modes only to receive two measly scopes for your favourite weapon after several hours, then rejoice - for this is a problem no longer. Treyarch’s latest patch has permanently upped weapon XP rates in multiplayer and Zombies.

I have hopped into Cold War’s multiplayer modes pretty much every evening since launch, and despite very much enjoying the shooty bang bang, it was clear from the off that weapon XP rates needed a tweak. You could've slain thousands of zombies, or “popped off” in multiplayer as the kids say nowadays, only to see your weapon's level barely inch forwards. Yet your overall multiplayer rank would increase dramatically (?!). It just didn’t make any sense.

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At one point I even second guessed myself and thought maybe I was being a big baby. So I jumped back into Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare to see if weapon levelling was on a similar level. Nope, you can fly through levels pretty darn easy, or at least feel like you’re being properly rewarded for the time you put in. Cold War’s glacial weapon levelling speeds were definitely a reality.

Thankfully this new patch makes Cold War's levelling experience far less agonising and much more rewarding. After a few awful games with friends last night, I still came away with armfuls of attachments. Even if my K/D plummeted, at least there was something I could show for it.

The patch also closes an out-of-bounds gap in multiplayer map Nuketown '84, which'll stop pesky players from staying alive outside of the playable space. If it stop cheats, then I'm all for it. Turns out there's a vaporwave secret hidden away on this map too. Really is full of surprises, this one.

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