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Call Of Duty Cold War weapon stats: damage, range, shots to kill, and more

Learn these Cold War weapon stats to unlock your killing potential

Call Of Duty: Cold War gives players the option of choosing between a diverse arsenal of powerful weapons, each with stats that dictate the strengths and weaknesses of each firearm. Our Call Of Duty: Cold War weapon stats guide will walk you through the essential stats of every Cold War gun, so you can easily compare weapons and figure out which to equip for your next match.

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Call Of Duty Cold War weapon stats

Call Of Duty: Cold War features a diverse array of different weapons, organised into seven distinct classes: Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Tactical Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols. With 25 primary and secondary firearms to learn and master, there's a lot to take in with this weapons arsenal.

Below we've exposed the essential stats of every single weapon in Cold War, from damage to handling speeds and much more.

How to view weapon stats in Cold War

To view the detailed stats of any weapon in Cold War, hover over a non-optic attachment for any weapon, and then either click the "Details" button above the information panel, or press "2" on your keyboard to bring up the advanced stats for that weapon, and the changes made by the attachment in question.

See the example below, with the "Details" button highlighted in red:

An illustration of how to view weapon stats in Call Of Duty: Cold War.
On the left is the regular view, and on the right is the advanced weapon stats view. To toggle between them, click the button highlighted in red.

Now let's take a look at the essential stats of each Cold War weapon, so you can easily compare different guns in the same class.

Assault Rifle stats

Assault Rifles are the dominant force in any mid-range engagement. Good handling stats and reliable damage makes them a staple in most class setups for Cold War, but don't expect them to reliably challenge an SMG in close quarters, or a sniper over long distances.

Time To Kill333ms300ms368ms353ms330ms
Shots To Kill54556
Effective Range45.7238.150.845.7238.1
Mag Size3030303025
Reload Speed2.
Muzzle Velocity550490625625625
Vert. Recoil360405276350330
Hor. Recoil30-84-32-8540
Hipfire Accuracy7.57.57.587.5

SMG stats

SMGs were dominant in the Cold War Betas, and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon. These fast-firing close-quarters shredders are perfect opposite a longer-range weapon such as an Assault Rifle or Sniper.

Time To Kill280ms312.5ms258ms166ms320ms
Shots To Kill54435
Effective Range15.2412.77.6211.4319.05
Mag Size3032303050
Reload Speed2.
Muzzle Velocity250225500200250
Vert. Recoil252322288200180
Hor. Recoil208225224-300127.5
Hipfire Accuracy76.5777.5

LMG stats

LMGs aim slow but deal devastating damage to enemies at medium-to-long ranges. They're not great for running-and-gunning, but for fortifying positions and suppressing enemies, there's not much better.

Time To Kill249ms276ms232ms
Shots To Kill443
Effective Range50.850.850.8
Mag Size757575
Reload Speed677.4
Muzzle Velocity675475600
Vert. Recoil270351350
Hor. Recoil200100500
Hipfire Accuracy777

Tactical Rifle stats

Tactical Rifles occupy the space between Assault Rifles and Snipers in Cold War. More sluggish than Assault Rifles but packing far more of a punch, these semi-automatic rifles can annihilate enemies at longer ranges.

Time To Kill367ms132ms152ms332ms
Shots To Kill3333
Effective Range50.825.438.150.8
Mag Size25303020
Reload Speed2.
Muzzle Velocity625725775700
Vert. Recoil390390420351
Hor. Recoil-180-80166.5270
Hipfire Accuracy8.

Sniper Rifle stats

Sniper Rifles are the absolute kings of Call Of Duty: Cold War at the moment. Not only are they capable of killing an enemy in a single shot to the head (or sometimes even the chest), they're surprisingly viable at short range too as long as you're a seasoned quick-scoper.

Time To Kill1.1s1.3s333ms
Shots To Kill222
Effective Range127127127
Mag Size555
Reload Speed5.133
Muzzle Velocity500550525
Vert. Recoil5505501040
Hor. Recoil250350300
Hipfire Accuracy181818

Shotgun stats

Shotguns are classed as secondary weapons alongside Pistols in Cold War, and therefore lack the bite of the Shotguns in Modern Warfare. But there's still nothing better for quick bucketloads of damage at extremely close quarters.

Time To KillImmediate283ms
Shots To Kill12
Effective Range5.725.72
Mag Size57
Reload Speed4.56
Muzzle Velocity850850
Vert. Recoil750450
Hor. Recoil150250
Hipfire Accuracy88

Pistol stats

Pistols are reliable sidearms for Cold War players who lack the Law Breaker Wildcard perk. Ranging from fast-firing machine pistols to punchy hand cannons, their speed and handling make up for any deficits when it comes to dealing reliable damage.

Time To Kill300ms351ms366ms
Shots To Kill325
Effective Range19.0515.2421.59
Mag Size8615
Reload Speed1.86.31.7
Muzzle Velocity200300250
Vert. Recoil231200168
Hor. Recoil120200120
Hipfire Accuracy6.56.57

And there you have it! All the weapon stats for Call Of Duty: Cold War laid bare for you to peruse. Keep checking back here for all the latest stats. In the meantime, why not check out our guide to the best Cold War Assault Rifles?

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