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Call of Duty Cold War safehouse code: what’s the code to open the safehouse gate?

How to bypass the code in the safehouse.

To the left of the door of the safehouse in Call of Duty Cold War's campaign, you’ll see a locked gate with a clipboard hanging off of it. Turns out, this is a clue for opening the gate, and all the information you need is right there in the safehouse. Here’s the code to unlock the safehouse gate in Call of Duty Cold War.

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1: Clinical Record

The first clue can be found in the entrance hallway to the safehouse, hanging on a clipboard next to the fusebox, opposite the unopenable door and vent. The description can be seen below:

The clinical record autopsy report in Black Ops Cold War's safehouse. It reads: #...there is an entrance gunshot wound in the posterior cranium measuring 15mm x 6mm. Radiating from the wound are multipla fracture lines, the longest of which measures approximately 19cm in length...'

Because the numbers ‘1’ and ‘1’ are highlighted in yellow, these are the first two numbers of the code to open the safehouse gate in Cold War.

2: Warren Commission

The Warren Commission clue is right next to the gate you’re trying to open. Look on the ground, just on the right hand side. The clipboard should be illuminated with a lamp on the floor. Here’s what it says:

The warren commission note in Call of Duty Cold War's campaign safehouse. It reads: '...a year after his rerturn to the U.S in 1962, Oswald visited the Russian Embassy in Mexico City. The CIA intercepted at least two phone calls between the Russian and Cuban Embassies. During one call, Oswald himself was on the phone...'

The second clue has ‘two’ and ‘2’ highlighted, meaning they’re the next numbers in the combination lock.

3: Dallas News Article

Finally, you need to find the Dallas News Article. Go behind the evidence board you’ve been using to start your missions, and into the darkroom (the room illuminated in red), just past the projector. At the door, look to the right and the clipboard will be hanging on the wall just above the light box. Here’s what it looks like:

The dallas news article in Call of Duty Cold War's safehouse. It reads: '...stationed by a window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, the shooter fired three consecutive shots, killing the president of the United States...'

The highlighted numbers are ‘six’ and ‘three’, so there you have it, the final two numbers in the code.

What’s the code?

The code to bypass the safehouse gate in Call of Duty Cold War is 112263.

You don’t have to have found all the clipboards to do this, but it is an opportunity to wander about your little gaff, so you might as well check the place out.

What’s the reward for unlocking the gate?

Now you’re in, what do you get? Well, you’ll have access to a ‘Videospiel’ arcade cabinet where you can play all the ‘80s arcade games you’ve unlocked so far. They’re… very ‘80s. By which I mean rather painful and janky play. Extremely true to the time period.

There you go, hopefully that code helped you unlock the safehouse gate! Why not go check out more of our guides too, including a rundown on how the Cold War Prestige system works? We also have advice on Zombies in Cold War too, if you’re new to that mode.

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