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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive adds Breach and Seaside maps

You can now vent your frustrations with tech startups inside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A new map, Breach, sends us to fight through a startup office which even has a slide in the lobby. Of course they have a slide. That's just how fun and anti-establishment they are. Not that we're allowed to ride the slide in-game. Yesterday's update also brought back Seaside, a map removed a few years back, and has reworked areas of Vertigo. After all, man cannot live on Dust alone - no matter what Dustnet's fascinating futureworld suggests.

While Breach has us planting and defusing bombs around a gleaming startup office, Seaside's bombing targets are storage on a grubby Caribbean dock on an overcast day. Seaside debuted with an Operation in 2013 then appeared in several other Operations before being outright removed from the game in 2016. Now it's back.

Yes, you can still kill yourself on Seaside by stumbling off the dock and into the sea. A friend told me, okay. Shut up.

Both of these maps are made by players rather than Valve. Breach is the work of Puddy and YanzI, and Seaside by Tanuki.

Valve giveth and Valve taketh away, pulling the map Workout from the matchmaking rotation in exchange. How long Breach and Seaside will stay is anyone's guess, but you can now find them in the Casual and Deathmatch modes, as well as in the Scrimmage map pool.

They also reworked the highrise rumble of Vertigo, moving spawns, adding a new approach to bomb site B, shuffling bridges, fiddling with holes, and more tweaks that will might catch you by surprise the first few times. See the patch notes for more on that.

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