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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Steam store page was briefly deleted

CS: GO, CS: STOP, CS: It's back again now

Valve are out of control! Not content with ceasing development on Artifact this past week, they seemed to delete one of their other multiplayer games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, from the Steam store earlier today.

Thankfully, it looks like it was a mistake, and it's back now.

Aptly named Twitter account Gabe Follower spotted the store page's disappearance earlier today, and unofficial website SteamDB seems to confirm the removal at 6:20am GMT this morning and its restoration three hours later.

At the time of writing, everything seems to be back to normal. There has been no official confirmation from Valve of what happened, though they did make this good GIF tweet:

I've emailed Valve to ask for confirmation of what happened.

Update: Valve's Doug Lombardi responded to confirm that it "was just a hiccup on the back end."

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