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Cyberpunk 2077 details V's three origin stories with new gameplay trailers

Be a product of the streets, board rooms, or desert.

Unlike your Geralt of Rivias of the RPG world, CD Projekt Red's next game Cyberpunk 2077 will let you determine more of your protagonist's personality, including their history. You'll get to choose one of three backgrounds for your main character V that change who you know and how you're able to tackle quests throughout the game. In their second Night City Wire livestream, CD Projekt Red give a new look at each of the three Lifepaths available.

At character creation, you'll choose to start V's story as a Street Kid, Nomad, or Corpo, each with their own relationships to Night City. The livestream shows off a sort of trailer for each origin story to give you the vibe of each.

The Street Kid is familiar with Night City's underworld and seems to have plenty of connections to call up. The Corpo is well-connected too, but in the higher-up world of corporate espionage. The Nomad is a bit different, an outsider from the desert Badlands that will be starting a new life in Night City.

During the livestream, quest design coordinator Philipp Weber says that each of the three Lifepaths will control how you begin the game but won't just blur together for the rest of the story. Each Lifepath will have special dialogue options throughout the game based on the kind of expertise V's history lends them and who they already know.

Weber gives an example from a quest where V needs to steal a robot from the Maelstrom gang. As a Corpo, V will have a special dialogue option when dealing with the corporation that Maelstrom stole the robot from originally. As a Nomad, V has some details on how Maelstom would have pulled off the theft. A Street Kid won't have special options here, but may find a familiar face elsewhere in the mission.

You can hear more about each Lifepath in the video above. Personally, you'll probably catch me as a  Nomad, though according to Alice B the Corpo is obviously the coolest.

During the first Night City Wire, CDPR gave us a look at Braindances, the brain-hacking investigations, and announced the anime spinoff series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

After its couple delays, Cyberpunk 2077 is now planned to launch on November 19th. CDPR have yet another episode of Night City Wire planned "soon" in the meantime.

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