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Death, Spanked: New Dead Rising 2 Trailer

I spent this weekend playing mentalcakes zombie apocalypse simulator Dead Rising 2 on my console-toy, since it's not out on PC until Friday. Guess what? It's great! I have yet to stop laughing at the use of highly ineffectual weapons (rolled-up newspapers, bottles of orange juice) against zombies to no effect. It's better than the first game, too.

Are you excited? If not, there's a new developer walkthrough trailer you can see right after the jump. It's a kind of whistle-stop 4 minute tour of some of the game's features, climaxing with a neat trick involving a propane tank, some fireworks, a box of nails and a lizard mask.

Actually, that's a lie. It climaxes with protagonist Chuck admitting he "Knows his way around a zombie or two." Ew. CHUCK!

Still unconvinced? Alec's Wot I Think will be with us on Friday, by the looks of things. Relax, get yourself a cup of tea, and wait for that fine tide of judgement to come washing over you.

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