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Doom Eternal devs watching a speedrun ask "What just happened?" a whole lot

Id are dead impressed

A standard run of Doom Eternal might take 15-20 hours, but you can cut that down to under half an hour with a few cheeky glitches and a whole lot of skill. IGN sat four of Doom Eternal's lead developers down in front of a 27-minute world record speedrun to record their reactions and, well, it involves a whole lot of asking "What just happened?" The run by "Xamide" is impressive to watch in itself, and it's extra nice with Id talking about the glitches, passing the blame, joshing about, and generally being dead impressed.

The four Idfolks gathered by the Ian Games Network are game director Hugo Martin, level design director Jerry Keehan, lead game programmer Evan Eubanks, and executive producer Marty Stratton. Watch:

I do like how Id raised the possibility of fixing some of these issues, but seem to concede that "if we do, [speedrunners will] find something else - and it'll be just as weird to watch." They almost certainly would. And while the Idfolk don't dismiss this sort of glitchy speedrunning, they do seem not-so-secretly pleased every time Xamide has to complete a fight before again launching himself into the sky. It's a fun watch.

That world record is old hat, mind. Xamide has topped that 27:09 time twice since, with his latest video on his YouTube channel cutting Doom Eternal down to 24:42. Observe:

If you'd like more broad explanation of it all, Xamide also ran Doom Eternal during Corona Relief Done Quick over the weekend. You watch that archived on Twitch.

Our Doom Eternal review declared Id's latest "absolutely glorious." Matt played it the long way, mind.

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